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Goldgenie: The New King Midas

Franky M.

If you want to live in a world covered in gold and platinum, Goldgenie will make all your dreams come true.



Like King Midas, the firm Goldgenie turns everything it touches into gold. Literally! Founded in 1995 by entrepreneur Laban, the company customizes products as diverse as flowers or cell phones, covering them in a bath of gold or other precious metals and gems.


Luxury automakers were among their first customers, including Bentley, Rolls-Royce, and Lexus. The automotive companies wanted to bring and edge to their logos and introduce attractive details to their vehicles. On the other hand, the organizers of the Emmy Awards and famous personalities such as Usain Bolt and the Beckhams have also used its services.

The firm`s expert artisans even transformed a bicycle covering it with 24 karat gold, an eccentricity for which the client paid $390,000, more than the cost of many luxury cars. And they recently finished working on a tennis racket— which became just an ornamental piece since the addition of gold made it too heavy to play the game. Instead, it could be used to reward the winner of a major tournament. There are 99 copies covered in gold, even the strings.


Goldgenie is now taking orders for the new iPhone 6s, allowing customers to customize their Apple phone with 24 karat gold or platinum. Their collection of customized iPhone 6 will expand their existing selection, which feature Swarovski crystals, embossed crocodile leather, carbon fiber and nacre. One version will be the Diamond RockStar, with diamonds on the sides, and in the center the Apple logo on the metal surface of the mobile phone.

Prices start at €3157.69 ($3,566.58), and the customer can secure a copy with a 50% deposit, paying the rest when Goldgenie starts the personalization work. The final cost will depend on the features the owner includes in the device, which can be laser engraved symbols, names or slogans on the back.

The gold IPhone 6s is presented in a box of cherry oak, and you can book your purchases here.

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