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Xojet & Mandarin Oriental:
Private Jets and 5-star Hotels

Federico Tibytt

The joint effort offers top-tier service for discerning consumers.



The international market for private jet rentals is on the rise, and in recent years it has been upgraded and significantly improved. A prominent example is a new alliance between Xojet, one of the world's leading private jet companies and hospitality giant Mandarin Oriental.

Xojet & Mandarin Oriental

With a VIP service that personalizes each of its flights, Xojet has positioned itself as the largest private charter company in the USA and one of the most important in the world. The main reason for this meteoric growth is perhaps its unique business philosophy, which prioritizes the needs, tastes and preferences of the passenger while maintaining the highest ARG/US safety standards, as well as ensuring that every flight is tailor-made to please the customers.

For each itinerary, Xojet assigns a "private flight counselor" who is responsible for advising the clients and fulfilling all their requirements. This service of maximum personalization has managed to captivate movie stars, elite athletes, and high-rank executives, as well as personalities that regularly travel, accumulating countless flying hours and saving valuable time.

Xojet & Mandarin Oriental

To reach an even higher level of service, the company has just announced its partnership with Mandarin Oriental, the international chain of five-star hotels. With no less than 1,000 aircraft and hundreds of destinations worldwide, the company now offers its more than 7,000 customers the opportunity to enjoy exclusive benefits by staying at the luxurious hotels that belong to the Asian chain.

Present in 19 countries, the Mandarin Oriental hotels stand out for being located in destinations as diverse as New York, Las Vegas, Tokyo, Barcelona, Milan, Marrakech or Bodrum, offering meticulous service, attention to detail, and unsurpassed excellence in elegant surroundings that embody the modern concept of luxury.

Thanks to this alliance, Xojet passengers will now enjoy the exclusive benefits reserved for VIP guests of the Mandarin Oriental, allowing them— as they register— automatic access to special amenities and improvements not available to other guests.

Xojet & Mandarin Oriental

Also, Mandarin Oriental customers who have not yet enjoyed the experience of flying with Xojet will be able to use an exclusive reservation telephone line. They will be advised by the company's flight counseling team and enjoy a significant discount on their first trip.

This kind of joint efforts by first-class luxury brands confirms, once again, that the selection process used by consumers in this super competitive market depends on the service experience. It is not enough just to offer the best aircraft, the best suites, or the best locations. The advantages must be accompanied by a personalized service that will enhance the customer experience.

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