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The 2016 edition includes nine high-level races.



Dubai World Cup: The Realm of World Class Horse Racing 

By Walter Raymond

The last Saturday of March is a very special day, in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This date is always reserved for the Dubai World Cup, one of the country’s most anticipated social and sporting event. The Dubai World Cup takes place at the traditional Meydan Racecourse. The competition, which marks the end of the annual racing season in the United Arab Emirates, offers a purse totaling $30 million. The 2016 program features nine superior races, including six races of the leading World Groups 1 and 2.

Glamour and beauty on the track

Fashion, beauty and elegance are the attributes that best describe the Dubai World Cup. Spectators dress with great creativity and style since a large panel of experts from the fashion industry and the media will choose the best-dressed woman, best-dressed man, best-dressed couple, best hat, the most creative garb, and the Longines Prize for the best-dressed lady.

Guests will also compete for the grand prize 2016 Jaguar Style Stakes, which includes a Jaguar F-Type. The Dubai World Cup celebrates two decades in 2016 and has also become a major international fashion event.

The Meydan Racecourse

The impressive Meydan Racecourse has a dirt track 5,750 feet long, and a turf racetrack 7,900 feet long, in addition to several complementary training tracks, barns, stables and various services for riders and horses. Under the characteristic crescent-shaped roof lined with solar panels, the mile-long grandstand can accommodate 60,000 spectators with maximum comfort.

The grand, luxurious complex boasts a five-star hotel, several international high-end restaurants, and 285 suites with direct views of the track, plus an exclusive parking for 8,600 vehicles. The recent addition of a new performance space transformed the Meydan grandstand into one of the highlights of Dubai.


Between the months of September and April visitors can experience the action behind the scenes and observe first hand how the racehorses are trained. The guided tours start with a splendid five-star breakfast at The Meydan Hotel followed by a visit to the barns, dressing rooms and service areas of the Dubai Racing Club, where you can socialize with coaches and assistants and learn about the fascinating world of horse racing.

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