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Neophytes can easily mistake this private super yacht with a regular cruise liner.



Project Omar: The Largest Super Yacht of 2015

By Federico Tibytt


The spectacular new version of the Dilbar super yacht—built by the Lürssen Yachts—took to the water in the first days of December 2015. The impressive vessel measures 156 meters (512 feet). 

Project Omar—as this new yacht is called—was commissioned by Uzbek-Russian tycoon Alisher Usmanov. Although many details have not been disclosed, it is estimated that with its impressive seven levels, Project Omar could be one of the largest private vessels in the world when it comes to living space.

The original Dilbar had four levels plus a stunning terrace with a heliport. It was 110 meters long (360 feet), and although very generous dimensions, they are overshadowed by the magnitude of the new 512-foot long Dilbar with its gigantic hull with a depth that exceeds 6 meters (about 21 feet). 

For the construction of this new family jewel that will bear the name of the owner`s mother, the Russian mogul—once again—relied on the powerful German shipyard Lürssen, which in recent years has built the largest crafts in the market, including Azzam, a superb vessel at 590 feet long (179.83 meters).

With the recent launch of the Sailing Yacht A, built by the Nobiskrug shipyard (also commissioned by a Russian tycoon, Andrey Igorevich Melnichenko) Germany is solidly established as the best destination for today`s shipbuilding industry.

As has transpired, the interior design of this new craft was created by the prestigious British designer Andrew Winch while the exterior layout was designed by Espen Oeino, a Scottish engineer who lives in Monaco.

At first glance, the design is very similar to that of the previous model, with the minimalist feel of a traditional liner, showing an impressive four level bow, numerous skylights and bay windows, plus the walking decks around the upper 4 levels and the various folding balconies that break the horizontal line of the huge and impeccably white metal sides.

Despite the comments generated by this project among professionals, no details of its interiors, mechanical engineering or decor have been disclosed, maintaining the strictest secrecy requested by its owner. 

As with the original Dilbar, the owners want its exterior design to go unnoticed, and those who are unfamiliar with yachts could easily confuse it with a regular international cruise liner.

But for those with a watchful eye, seeing this giant on the water will undoubtedly arouse curiosity and admiration. For now, that is only possible for those who come to the shores of the Weser River, on the banks of Bremen, Germany, where the Lürssen shipyard is located.

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