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NetJets flies to more than 170 countries, and covers more than 300,000 flights annually.



NetJets: Making Luxury Travel Effortless

By Ivan Luque


In 1986 the need for a new aircraft ownership model--that would provide the benefits of owning a plane without the trouble and unreasonable expenses--became evident to the founder of NetJets. His solution was to invent the fractional aircraft ownership program. Today NetJets flies to more than 170 countries, and covers more than 300,000 flights annually.

NetJets’ fractional ownership model is based on three innovative programs: NetJets Share™, Net Jet Lease™ and the Marquis Jet Card ®. A NetJets Share™ or a Net Jet Lease™ will buy an interest or lease time on a particular serial-numbered aircraft from the NetJets fleet. Through a NetJet Lease™ you enjoy all the advantages of being an owner without an upfront capital investment. Lease sizes start at 50 annual flight hours--from there they continue in 25-hour increments.

With as little as four hours of anticipation, depending on the choice of aircraft, you can have a jet ready. Another option is the Marquis Jet Card ®, a prepaid purchase of 25 flight hours in the jet of your choice. And the combo card allows you to split your time between two different aircrafts. NetJets is financially backed by Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Company, which provides the leverage for NetJets to pursue its commitment to safety, as well as securing the investment of its clients. These aircrafts can accommodate from 7 to 14 passengers, and their flight range is of 7,700 miles.

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