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This new aircraft is very fast and reduces flight time by half. Moreover, it has no windows, but flat video screens that show, in real time, what cameras located outside the plane are filming.



Jet Spike S-512: A new Supersonic Aircraft
with Panoramic Views

By Federico Tibytt


Spike Aerospace has announced the launch of the S-512, the first private jet capable of traveling at supersonic speeds while the passengers enjoy panoramic views, which were impossible to achieve until now.

Jet Spike S-512

The Boston-based engineering and aerospace consultancy firm boasts a team of engineers trained in the best aviation schools in the world, who along with a number of private investors have decided to bet on the development of a luxury, high efficiency aircraft that will allow its owners to drastically reduce flight time.

The result of this project is the S-512, a supersonic jet capable of flying distances of up to 7,400 kilometers (4,700 miles) while reducing flight time by half. For example, the journey from Los Angeles to Tokyo could take only 6 to 7 hours; a commercial aircraft would take between 14 and 16 hours. Its cruising speed is Mach 1.6 (1,218 miles per hour), and it is able to reach a maximum speed of Mach 1.8 (1,370 miles per hour), allowing passengers to travel from New York to London in an incredible time that barely exceeds 3 hours, while currently a commercial flight needs about 7 hours to cover the same distance.

Jet Spike S-512

In addition to its supersonic capabilities, the interior of the S-512 offers luxury, comfort and high tech. In fact, the plane introduces an unprecedented technological innovation: it doesn’t have windows. Instead, passengers will have large, sophisticated curved flat screens connected to small cameras located on the outside, becoming a sort of panoramic window that allows them to see, in real time, the exterior view of the aircraft.

This ingenious alternative radically changes the traveler´s experience because the sense of amplitude offered by the huge screens broadcasting the live images from outside cannot be compared with the sense of closure generated by the tiny windows of traditional passenger planes. In addition, the company promises a more reliable and compact fuselage for higher speeds, as well as noise reduction in the cabin. This novel technology also gives passengers the option of modifying the interior atmosphere of the aircraft. Another point in favor of the S-512 is its high capacity, with space for 18 passengers who will be able to travel in total luxury, comfort and with the most modern and exquisite design.

Jet Spike S-512

However, you will have to wait. The S-512 is scheduled for delivery in December of 2018, and its market price is around 80 million dollars. But, if we think about the fact that it can host up to 18 passengers, its amenities and innovations, and the great advantage of covering the same distance in half the time, this will be the perfect plane for those who wish to spend less time flying and more time on land.

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