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The XKR-S is at the top of Jaguar’s latest production.



Jaguar XKR-S: A Completely Different Animal

By Ivan Luque


The XKR-S is at the top of Jaguar’s latest production. Holding in its chassis the most powerful engine ever produced by the luxury car maker, this model can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 4.2 seconds (0-144kph in 4.4 seconds), and can reach a top speed of 186 mph (300kph). Its lightweight aluminum body was re-engineered to increase camber and caster stiffness, which translates into better feedback and responsiveness on the road. A unique feature, the JaguarDrive Control, provides a choice of modes to meet weather conditions and personal driving style. For slippery roads, winter-mode provides a dampened accelerator response, using shift settings, that slows down and softens gear changes.

The sporting heritage of the XKR-S is evident in its exterior style. Extended side sills emphasize the car’s road-hugging contours, and a triple-lined fabric roof that can be lowered in less than 18 seconds--and completely hidden in the bodywork--adds to the sense of speed and independence. The XKR-S comes in French Racing blue, British Racing green, Italian Racing red, Polaris white, Ultimate black and Stratus gray. There is a choice of interior themes that include the stylish warm charcoal carbon, and soft grain leather with micro piping and stitching.

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