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Exclusive footwear specially designed to drive the Jaguar F-Type make up the latest Oliver Sweeney’s collection. The materials and finishes used in the production of these shoes are similar to those used in the manufacture of Jaguar’s newest model.


Jaguar Collection by Oliver Sweeney: Exclusive
footwear created for Jaguar F-Type drivers

By J.M. Towers


The British firm Jaguar— world renowned for its elegant cars—in collaboration with British designer Oliver Sweeney has launched a sophisticated footwear collection specially designed to drive its new model F-Type.

Jaguar by Oliver Sweeney

Sweeney’s collection marks the official presentation of the new luxurious Jaguar model.  The F-Type coupe is a powerful sports car whose engine, lightweight aluminum body and advanced technologies offer a unique driving experience.

The materials and finishes used in the production of these shoes are similar to those used in the manufacture of the luxury car. They are available in a combination of carbon fiber and leather, as well as in Nubuck leather. The choice of colors includes red, navy and black, the same colors of the F-Type Jaguar.

"We worked closely with the team that designs the Jaguar automobiles to develop a range of driving footwear inspired by the new sports Jaguar F-Type", explains Oliver Sweeney. "We used the finest leathers, carbon fiber and Nubuck leather to ensure a real sense of luxury, refinement and sophistication. We took the time to select suitable materials and components, and put them in the hands of the best craftsmen.”

Founded in 1989 in London, Oliver Sweeney´s company, specializing in luxury footwear, has gained a prestigious reputation and developed a loyal clientele. Thanks to his commitment to using the best and most exquisite materials and his talent for innovation and stylish designs, Oliver Sweeney is a trendsetter and a world leader in luxury footwear.

Jaguar by Oliver Sweeney
Jaguar by Oliver Sweeney

The price of the shoes from the Oliver Sweeney Jaguar collection starts at $325 for leather types and increases to over $375 for models made of carbon fiber and Nubuck leather.

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