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The project, slated for completion in 2018, will accommodate up to 50 boats of great proportions, and will have a heliport and seaplane terminal.



Island Gardens Deep Harbour: Miami is now home to North America’s first megayacht marina

By Irene Moore

As the world’s greatest shipyards continue to deliver luxurious mega yachts to an ever-growing number of billionaires, the need for state-of-the-art -marinas that could accommodate these jewels of the seas becomes a necessity of the first order. 

South Floridians will be among the first yachters in the world to have a super yacht marina right on its shores. The new Island Gardens Deep Harbour, on Watson Island, centrally located on Biscayne Bay—between Miami Beach and Downtown Miami is slated to be the premier waterfront destination of the Americas. It boasts the only marina in North America designed exclusively for superyachts; the first deep-water marina of its capacity in the Western Hemisphere, capable of hosting 50 vessels from 80 feet up to 550 feet, with drafts of 18-21 feet deep. The Marina offers superyacht berths alongside customs and immigration for guests arriving from international destinations. A helipad and a seaplane terminal make it the only destination in Miami accessible directly by air, land or sea. Daily, monthly, seasonal and annual leases are available for transient vessel docking.

Island Gardens is the home to Superyacht Miami, a new yacht show designed as an extension of Yachts Miami Beach, exclusively catering to colossal vessels. The marina recently hosted the inaugural show, where 24 of the world’s most luxurious mega yachts up to 250 feet, worth an excess of $800 million in value, sailed in for the show. These included the 253-foot Silver Fast by Burgess (dubbed the “Queen of the Show” by Show Management) and the 206-foot 11/11 by Benetti. 

To mark the occasion, the Marina held a “Berth-Day” for the international yachting community. It was also a preview for The Deck at Island Gardens, a marina-front venue catering to elite yachting clients from around the world as well as local lovers of the yachting lifestyle. Every weekend, the Deck at Island Gardens is home to exclusive recreation and activities, changing according to in-house programs. On Friday nights, it hosts Miami’s top corporate groups and social enterprises for late night happy hours, offering la carte menus and seasonal libations. On Saturdays, The Deck at Island Gardens focuses on health and wellness, with complimentary waterfront yoga and other fitness activities, as well as offerings from a plant-based menu. On Sundays, the Deck at Island Gardens takes on a luxe, speakeasy environment, exclusive to the yachting set and Miami’s Who’s Who.

Upon completion of the Island Gardens project in season 2018, the marina will be complemented by two luxury hotels, a selection of world-class retail and restaurants, and will offer water taxi transportation between Miami and Miami Beach. The upland development completion, slated for the 2017-2018 season, will feature impeccably landscaped gardens, public art installations, and civic art, as well as a beautiful public promenade overlooking the superyacht marina and the Miami skyline. Miamians can rejoice that over sixty percent of the project’s land area will be publicly accessible. ■

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