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Five gifts every gentleman should receive these Holiday Season.



Irresistible gifts for men 

By J. M. Towers


Contrary to common belief, buying gifts for men is no easy task. In recent years, we’ve seen a huge increase in products marketed “just for men”, which makes it increasingly difficult to choose the appropriate gift this holiday season. Furthermore, gentlemen have become more sophisticated and cosmopolitan and are no longer interested or satisfied with the proverbial tie or the usual perfume under the Christmas tree.

Here, we present five luxurious gifts for the man who has it all.

Vertu Constellation
Luxury Smartphone

Gifts for Men

In Europe, the most popular luxury smartphones are produced by the renowned British firm Vertu. Their latest version is the Constellation, which features a dual-core processor, 32 GB of internal storage, Android 4.2 system and a 13 MP camera. Its sleek, sophisticated design features a titanium chassis, which makes it lighter and stronger than its competitors. Its 4.3-inch screen is covered with a layer of sapphire crystal, and its case, made with the best hand stitched calfskins is available in a wide range of beautiful colors. The new Vertu Constellation is priced at $6,630.

Full Immersion
Amazing car racing simulator

Gifts for Men

Most men love racing cars, and many have enjoyed, throughout their lives, playing video games that feature this sport. But there has never been a racing simulator as real as Full Immersion, a smart machine that recreates the excitement of being behind the wheels of a sports car rushing at the furious speed of 200 MPH. Full Immersion was created by the same engineers who built the Ariel Atom sports car, reproducing the experience to the most minute detail to give the player the thrill of driving on his private racetrack, but without the liability of having an accident. This masculine toy boasts surround sound and high-definition screen with the same peripheral vision of a driver behind the wheel of racecar, including side mirrors that reflect other cars zooming by at high speed. The gearbox is an exact replica of the ones used in professional vehicles with sequential shift transmission, and the adjustable seats react and move when the car goes over bumps on the imaginary road or when the driver takes a fast curve. Once inside the machine, which weighs approximately 550 pounds, you can choose to drive any of 30 of the most famous sports cars in history. Full Immersion is available for $ 65,000.

Moon Orbiter Tourbillon by Romain Jerome
A true masterpiece

Gifts for Men

Romain Jerome, the Swiss manufacturer of the most exclusive timepieces, presents a limited edition of the Moon Orbiter Tourbillon, a tribute to space exploration. The tridimensional design has a bold presence, and its case features remnants of the Apollo XI shuttle. In the lower part,  there is a battery power reserve indicator with a red lacquer hand that extends from the central sphere. The dial itself contains authentic moon dust. To the left, there is a 60 second counter and on the right an hour and minute display, both separated by the firm’s iconic X. A sapphire crystal covers the sides offering a nice view of the flying tourbillon movement inside. The handles that extend above the belt are another clever detail,  equipped with a piston that acts as a buffer, similar to the pneumatic cylinders found on bicycles. Their function is to allow the extension and retraction of the handles to fit comfortably on the wrist. Only 25 units were manufactured, and the price is $ 115,000. 

The Beautiful Alfa Romeo Bike

Gifts for Men

This stunning bicycle from Alfa Romeo will be available for sale during the month of December in Europe, Asia and North America, with prices ranging from $4,700 to $12,000. Designed by the brand’s Style Center, it is handmade by the prestigious Italian company Compagnia Ducale. The design is elegant and lightweight (15 lbs.), and clearly demonstrates that sports and glamour don’t have to be at odds.  Alfa Romeo used the same engineering principles applied on the chassis of its 4C super sports car to create one of the lightest luxury bicycles on the market. It comes in the brand’s classic red as a tribute to the iconic 4C. The result is a highly stylized bike that will make an ideal present for the fashionable sportsman. 

Bentley & Estede Sunglasses – Limited edition
Perfect Vision

Gifts for Men

British car manufacturer Bentley Motors in collaboration with the renowned Austrian firm Estede Glasse have created an elegant line of sunglasses inspired on Bentley’s iconic car designs. The exclusive collection features precious metals: silver, palladium, 18K gold, and platinum, which has never been used by Estede Glasse in their designs. The aviator styles glasses, available in two sizes, come in an elegant package and include a variety of lenses for different activities during the day. In addition, each pair can be engraved with the owner’s name and Bentley’s model number. The price varies according to the metal used: $1,900 for the silver-palladium, $5,500 for 18K gold and $ 15,000 for "Estede Bentley Platinum". 

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