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Hedonism and glamour in headphones and smart speakers to enjoy the sounds of the world with absolute perfection, gadgets where high technology goes by the hand of modern, original design.



Hi fidelity luxury: Much more than
headphones and speakers

By Walter Raymond


When elegant and sophisticated designs are combined with cutting-edge technology, the results equal a suggestion of exclusivity—and deliver much more than headphones and speakers!

Boom Boom Speakers

Hi Fidelity Luxury

French designer Mathieu Lehanneur managed to integrate high sound engineering with an attractive ergonomic design in his Boom Boom speakers for the German firm Binauric. Simple, intuitive and sexy, the amazing wireless speaker fits on the palm of your hand and plays your favorite music wherever you are: at home, the gym, the office or the park. From the first magical moment you hold it in your hand, the Boom Boom will become an inseparable companion. This smart gadget automatically suggests tunes according to your profile and advises users when the batteries need to be replaced. The flexibility to choose the tone and language of your choice is available through an application easily downloaded from App Store for iOS and from Google Play for Android. The Boom Boom stands out for its Bluetooth connectivity. Connecting to your smart phone, you can control and access a remarkable clarity in your communications or conference calls. The device is compatible with the iPhone and Android phones, and is also very friendly with an iPad, tablet or computer. Imagine having a hi-fi system in the palm of your hand. Will you be able to resist the temptation?

Copenhagen portable and Wireless speaker

Hi Fidelity Luxury

To the legendary tradition of technical prowess that precedes the Danish firm Vifa, we should add the new Copenhagen speaker, with stunning design by Henrik Mathiassen, who flawlessly fuses Nordic elegance with the strength of aluminum and the warmth of Kvadrat textiles. This model incorporates a charming novelty: embroidered volume buttons as Copenhagen completes its look with a subtle touch of refinement and good taste. The vibrant colors of the textiles make it easy for the hi-fi speaker to integrate to various settings and decorations. Very portable, this speaker offers sophisticated Bluetooth connectivity and fast access to Wi-Fi networks.

Chanel and Monster, Glamour and high fidelity

Hi Fidelity Luxury

An exquisite combination of luxury and technology, these exclusive customized headphones are designed to enjoy and show off. The iconic golden logo of the French house Chanel stands out on the soft black quilted texture of the leather case and at each end of the headphones, while the Monster firm specializing in audio devices provides the latest technology and ergonomic design with the highest fidelity sound. The legendary designer Karl Lagerfeld is one of the select few that have enjoyed them, but it is known that a long line of music lovers are waiting for their opportunity to show of their sense of style while listening to their favorite music.

This selection of luxury items demonstrate that luxury glamour and high fidelity can go hand in hand. ■

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