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Gulfstream G500 and G600:
New Generation Jets

Federico Tibytt

With its two new aircraft, Gulfstream raises the bar for speed, convenience, range and technology.



Aircraft manufacturer Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation, a subsidiary of General Dynamics, announced two new private jet models: the G500 and G600, whose first test units will be ready for 2015. The planes will have a market price of $43.5 million and $54.5 million respectively.

Gulfstream G500 - G600

With the launch of these two new models, this company from Savannah, Georgia, sets new standards for speed, comfort, range and technology in the segment. Both models will be able to travel at a maximum speed of over Mach 0.8 (over 1,100 km / h or 684 mph), which will significantly reduce flying times.

The outstanding performance of these aircraft is made possible by the application of design technologies developed by Gulfstream, combined with the new PW 800 turbines from Pratt & Whitney Canada, which will  generate higher speeds, lower emissions, greater fuel efficiency and lower noise generation, both inside the cab and outside. Review our selection of luxury private jets.

The new models could fly at an altitude of 50,853 feet, perfectly preserving the pressure and oxygen levels inside the cabin. Thus ensuring an environment that does not generate heaviness or torpor and allows the passengers to conduct business meetings or enjoy the time with their families.

Another revolutionary feature of the G500 and G600 are their cabin dimensions. With a width of 6,11 feet and 6 feet high, both models offer ample space for 19 passengers, a fully equipped food counter, two bathrooms and, in the case of G600, a complementary space that can be used as a rest area for the crew. The comfortable interior is flooded with natural light coming in through the huge oval windows—a characteristic feature of the brand.

With respect to the applied technology, the G500 and G600 lines will feature a cutting-edge navigation system that includes 10 touch screens for monitoring and instruments control; the revolutionary navigation system fly by wire; a third generation head-up, and an infrared night vision. Also, the parallel side stick system that enables dual control of the aircraft is used for the first time in commercial aviation. This technology reproduces real flight movements in the handle—even on autopilot — that transmit to the pilot an intuitive control of the aircraft's movements.

So far, companies like Flexjet and Qatar Airways have already ordered their units, which is not unusual if you consider the extraordinary performance and technology of the new G500 and G600.

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