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Kharma Enigma Veyron EV1 Speaker System, Imperia Oswalds Mill Audio, and Mermaid AudioWood: Full Satisfaction for Music Lovers

By Nicholas Sterling


In the technological era, high-end speakers are essential components of any high-performance sound system.

If you own a luxury residence or a megayacht, you will probably want something better and more exclusive than the conventional audio systems commonly found on the market.

The following products will satisfy the most demanding music lover.

Kharma Enigma Veyron EV1 

Kharma Enigma Veyron EV1 Speakers System
According to experts, the Enigma Veyron EV1 audio system created by the Dutch firm Kharma is the most advanced in the world, a fact that is reflected in its staggering price tag: $1.5 million dollars.  It is entirely made by hand and features eight 15-inch active subwoofer speakers, weighing 210 kilograms (460 lbs.) each. They are designed to sonically and aesthetically match other loudspeakers.
Like the speaker cabinets, each subwoofer cabinet is made of 100-millimetre Bulletwood and aluminum plates—similar to those found in a Formula 1 cars— forming a solid foundation placed on a diamond stand to separate the woofer from its surroundings.

To create harmony between the subwoofers and loudspeakers, an Apple iPad is used to adjust the digital signal processor settings to the room in which the Enigma Veyron EV1 loudspeaker system is installed.

Imperia horn system

Imperia Oswalds Mill Audio
The firm Oswalds Mill Audio, based in Pennsylvania, USA, has just launched to the national and international markets a four-way horn system—retro style—reminiscent of the old phonograph that Thomas Alva Edison created more than a century ago.

The Imperia model has a vertical array of conical horns covering 100 Hz to 20 kHz, and two rear subwoofers made with neodymium, of 20 Hz to 100 Hz. 

These speakers, which are controlled by their own amplifier and produce a clean, high-quality sound, are made with a variety of hardwoods from Pennsylvania’s forests—ash, cherry, and walnut—finished with lacquer and hand rubbed with wax to preserve the natural beauty of the wood.

Imperia has modern internal wiring, along with a new circular rear compression chamber for the lower bass horn driver.

Mermaid by AudioWood

Mermaid AudioWood
AudioWood is an American company that manufactures wooden turntables, speakers, and other stereo equipment, combining high-performance modern aesthetics with natural shapes.

AudioWood is an American company that manufactures wooden turntables, speakers, and other stereo equipment, combining high-performance modern aesthetics with natural shapes. Their Mermaid model is made of poplar wood, wired with cast copper wire, gold-plated binding posts and a completely sealed design to prevent overdriving of the sound drivers.  

Since these speakers feature a unique design, its sound is immediate and extremely precise, which is evident in the way we recognize the origin of the singer's voice and the instruments.
The system performs great with all sorts of music. The Mermaid speakers seem to disappear as the source of the sound, creating a realistic and precise stereo feeling. ■

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