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821 and 1,200 cc versions


Ducati Monster 2015: The Latest Version
of an Iconic Sport Motorcycle

Federico Tibytt

With a modern look and retro touches, the Ducati Monster defines the tastes and the character of those who enjoy speed, security, advanced technology and exquisite Italian design.



Ducati, the renowned Italian motorcycle brand, pleasantly surprised its fans this year with new versions of their classic sports model, Monster. With two engines— 821 and 1,200 cubic centimeters of power—the new versions continue to foster the legend of Ducati as masters of technology, materials, and design excellence.

Ducati Monster 2015

 The iconic Ducati Monster was first introduced at the 1992 Intermot Show in Cologne, Germany. At the time, it caused a stir with the participating public for its innovative minimalist aesthetics. The bike showed a kind of "nakedness" that revealed its sports character—but was still comparable to other road models. Thanks to this simple, powerful and sophisticated look, the Monster turned into an object of worship among lovers of sports motorcycles, and in just 20 years the Ducati Monster became one of the most appreciated models in the world. In fact, this “naked bike” design concept was adopted by the industry as a standard and has achieved great success in the last two decades. Review our selection of the most luxurious motorcycles on the market.

The new Monster model comes with two main engines. The Monster 1200 and the Monster 1200S are fueled by a Testastretta engine —derived from competition models—of 1,198 cubic centimeters, capable of generating 145 horsepower at 8,750 rpm. In turn, the Monster 821 presents an 11° Testastretta engine of 821 cubic centimeters, which generates 112 hp at 9250 rpm. These powerful motors complement the new design; which increases the volume of the fuel tank, a feature that contrasts with its stylized line and narrow waist. This new configuration gives the motorcycle a sportier look while improving its ergonomic comfort.

Ducati Monster 2015
Ducati Monster 2015

When it comes to applied technology, the new Monster offers dynamic safety elements that allow the pilot to select different driving modes, according to his or her preference. These include an adjustable seat, eight traction levels, ABS brakes—divided into three levels to increase the braking power—a Ride-by-Wire system and a computer software that activates the different types of ride with the push of a button.

Both models come in different colors, but the top-end versions, called Stripe, come in the classic red of the brand, with two white stripes on top of the fuel tank and on the cover of the back seat. Meanwhile, the 1200 S model features copper-colored suspension for the front wheel, and two alloy wheels painted in glossy black, unlike other models that come in matt black.

Riding a motorcycle like the Ducati Monster is an experience that defines the taste and character of those who enjoy speed and safety as well as the most advanced technology and exquisite Italian design.

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