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Breitling B55 Exospace Connected: A Connected Chronograph Watch

By Federico Tibytt

The new model launched by the traditional Swiss brand Breitling is the dream of aircraft pilots and professionals who are always moving because besides being an excellent chronograph, it is also a connected watch.

The Exospace B55 Connected is a timepiece that offers the same features the smartphone does— it receives notifications of calls and messages—but retains the characteristics of a classic watch (multifunction movement, dial and hands, case, etc.) and remains a chronograph par excellence because as you may remember, Breitling gained fame from the 1930s for its chronographs designed for aircraft cabins.

But before we continue, it is important to clarify the difference between smart watches and connected watches: Smart watches are digital devices that can be worn on the wrist and feature a display on the main dial that offers benefits very similar to those found on a smartphone or a minicomputer. Connected watches, on the other hand, interact with mobile devices from wireless connections, while retaining the analog workings of a traditional watch.

The analog needles of the Exospace B55 Connected are driven by a Super Quartz thermo-compensated electronic system, which means it can adjust the functioning of the mechanism to external climatic variations to ensure its accuracy.

In turn, the main dial has two rectangular backlit LCD screens that display all the other features of the model. This mixed composition is framed in a lightweight black titanium case, with glare-proof sapphire crystal on both sides and a rechargeable lithium battery with a range of up to two months.

Among the many features offered by this model, we can highlight the dual time zone (through needles in the lower screen).

It also provides partial and total, up and down chronographs, it has seven alarms with sound alternatives and UTC. For aircraft pilots, it has a functionality with record lap time, partial and total times, recording of flight times and MET (link time mission) registration.

All these functions are stored in the watch, with the date and time of each instance. Data can be easily downloaded to read reports when the user synchronizes the watch with a mobile device through Bluetooth connection. The features that allow measurement and recording of time are particularly useful to airline pilots, car drivers and ship captains.

Also, the information is filtered by a user-friendly mobile app, exclusively developed by Swiss engineers for this Breitling model. What is surprising is that the same application can manage all digital and analog configurations of the piece without having to touch the watch.
On its design, the Exospace B55 Connected looks sober and sporty at the same time. It comes with a rubber strap and is compact and surprisingly lightweight considering all its technological aggregates. In short, it has the style of a pilot's watch.

The Exospace B55 Connected is clearly aimed at travelers and professionals on the go who like to accurately time each of their activities. ■

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