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BMW Urban Racer and Feline One:
Motorcycles with a Futuristic Flair

Nicholas Sterling

Innovative and avant-garde, BMW’s Urban Racer and Feline One by Feline Motorcycles are two prototypes that exude design excellence and cutting-edge engineering.



In recent years, the technology and creativity in the design and manufacturing of motorcycles have reached levels unimaginable until now. Two examples of excellence and innovation are these just released futuristic models, both of which boast triumphant designs and the most attractive engineering of the 21st century. R135 Wraith Combat, Titanium and MH TT: Exclusive Motorcycles Worthy of the Finest Collections

The Urban Racer by BMW
German modernity

BMW Urban Racer & Feline One

It had been a while since we saw a motorcycle that looked so much like a work of art as the BMW Urban Racer. This powerful machine was created by the young London-based designer Jans Slapins, famous for his futuristic prototypes printed in three dimensions. Slapins had worked for Ford and Lamborghini before putting his talent at the service of BMW.  The Urban Racer has an impressive 1.200cc twin-cylinder boxer engine capable of delivering 115 horsepower. With a carbon fiber body, LED lighting, and high-performance chassis, this model showcases noble materials such as mahogany—which covers and protects the fuel tank— and padded diamond stitched leather seats for better comfort and durability. Slapins sought inspiration in modern fighter jets— specifically stealth aircraft—and some military land vehicles, infusing this particular motorcycle with an edgy aerodynamic flair. The flagship BMW logo adorning the side panel complements the classic yet innovative aesthetic of this marvel of engineering.  Review our selection of luxury vehicles.

Feline One by Feline Motorcycles  
Swiss precision

BMW Urban Racer & Feline One

Yacouba Galle is a renowned Swiss designer, test pilot and journalist, known for his passion for motor racing and motorcycling. Professor at the Institute of Design of Valenciennes, in France, Galle has been designing motorcycle prototypes for prestigious brands like Kawasaki and Suzuki since 1999. His most recent project is Feline One, created exclusively for the Swiss firm Feline Motorcycles, which should be released by 2016 in a limited edition of 50 numbered copies. The Feline One is made from high-quality materials, and the best international manufacturing companies were used to produce its parts. This unique model is the result of four years of hard work and technological research. With materials such as carbon, titanium, aerospace aluminum and fine leather, the curving contour of this motorcycle—inspired by a panther—has an immediate visual impact on the streets. "Feline One is more than a motorcycle. It is a combination of sophistication and high technology, designed for demanding customers looking for innovative and unique motorcycles," said Galle. This modern machine also stands out for its high definition digital dashboard, which introduces new and fully customizable features. The super efficient prototype also flaunts an impressive power on the roads. With its ultra-light weight of 342 lbs., its 170 hp, rigid chassis and unique anti-dive fork, the Feline One is versatile and easy to use, providing maximum thrills and a unique driving experience.

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