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Beats by Dr. Dre x MCM Collection
and BeoPlay H8 by Bang & Olufsen:
Much more than Sound and Music

Federico Tibytt

Beats by Dr. Dre x MCM Collection and BeoPlay H8 by Bang & Olufsen stand out for their exquisite design, excellent materials and cutting edge technology.



An excellent blend of design and technology allows us to enjoy sounds and music through innovative devices that combine aesthetics with exceptional sound quality. Let us introduce you to two luxury headphones that stand out for their exquisite design, excellent materials, and the latest technology: Beats by Dr. Dre x MCM Collection and BeoPlay H8 by Bang & Olufsen.

Beats by Dr. Dre x MCM Collection 


Beats by Dr. Dre—recently acquired by Apple—and the iconic German leather goods brand MCM worked together to develop a line of products of the highest quality. Beats by Dr. Dre x MCM Collection delivers splendid high-fidelity wireless headphones in black and gold, with leather coated pads—featuring the logo of the German firm—and a set of portable speakers that come with their own MCM leather bag. To kit includes an elegant case—also lined with leather and decorated with the distinctive “B” of Beats by Dr. Dre—containing minimalist and elegant in-ear or ear-bud headphones. This exclusive line is a perfect example of how design, combined with functionality, can make a stylistic fashion statement.

BeoPlay H8 by Bang & Olufsen 


Bang & Olufsen is a prestigious Danish company dedicated to the creation of top of the line audio devices since 1925. In addition to their technological quality, Bang & Olufsen products are easily recognized for their unique designs and excellent materials. Their modern BeoPlay H8 headphones become a statement that supports the brand's prestige. The new wireless model— a magnificent creation by Danish designer Jakob Wagner— provides a high quality, clear and powerful sound, and can interact with all kinds of playback devices. When choosing materials, Wagner opted for anodized aluminum and soft leathers in gray and camel shades. The battery life offers an incredible 14-hour reserve and, despite all its advanced technology, the metal structure is lined with the finest leather. The H8 BeoPlay weighs less than half a pound.

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