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A spherical structure equipped with the most advanced acoustic technology isolates users and provides a new listening experience. 



AudioOrb: A Sphere with the Best Sound in the World

By Federico Tibytt


The Scandinavian firm Total Studio, in collaboration with the multidisciplinary experimental study Pjadad of Petter Johansson, introduced AudioOrb, the first sound system that makes user feels "caged" in sounds.

AudioOrb is a last-generation product that offers almost total isolation from the outside world with high-fidelity sound structure and utmost comfort. The novel idea features a transparent Plexiglas sphere with a small access door. Its interior contains sound equipment of the highest quality consisting of 18 Hi-Fi speakers which, interacting with the sphere create an environment of inimitable acoustics.


Its design, which virtually isolates all external noise, plus the synchronicity of its 18 speakers, generate a sound environment rich in nuances, volumes, textures and subtleties. There is nothing in the market that could compare to this revolutionary sound experience.

To complete the total enjoyment and appreciation of the sound, the AudioOrb has in its interior a comfortable armchair with intelligent memory cushions that adapt to the user's body, providing a different sensation, described by its manufacturers as "floating in a cloud".

The cocoon furniture from Micasa Lab Studio inspired the AudioOrb. "If you ever entered a very small space, you also experienced the deep silence and the sense of isolation and loneliness it causes. This was the starting point we used to develop the AudioOrb", explained its creators.


And so, Total Studio created a unique speaker system that went beyond functionality and design to deliver a concrete experience. It seeks to recreate an atmosphere of isolation that encapsulates users in serene solitude to enjoy their favorite music. At the same time, the comfort of its seats and transparent background will make them feel as if floating in sound.

The AudioOrb is an extremely limited edition since only two units have been manufactured—so far—and that is a shame because with a price of around $15,000, surely there will be many tech aficionados interested in experiencing, individually and as never before, the best sound in the world.

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