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RM Sotheby's brings to auction on the most emblematic racing cars in history.



J.M. Fang’s 1956 Ferrari 290 MM to be auctioned in New York

By Federico Tibytt


Juan Manuel Fangio was one of the most famous riders in the history of auto racing, having won five championships in Formula One. He was proclaimed by experts as the best driver in the world in the decade of 1950. 

Tim Scott Fluid Images © 2015 courtesy RM Sotheby’s’
In order to carry his brand to the top of professional motorsports, in 1956 Enzo Ferrari built a race car specially designed for Fangio: the purpose was to help him triumph in the World Sportscar Championship.

This legendary machine will be offered at auction in Sotheby's RM event, Driven by Disruption to be held in New York on December 10 with an estimated price range between 28 and 32 million.
The stunning Ferrari 290 MM with chassis 0626 of V12, 3500 cc and 320 HP, is one of the 4 copies produced by the Maranello team in order to win the WSC and was used in competition by Fangio during the Thousand Miles of Italy (Mille Miglia) in April 1956, a competition in which the Argentine pilot, after leaving last, achieved the feat of finishing fourth, completing the circuit without leaving the wheel at any time.

While Fangio was not to compete in the WSC, in 1956, the 0626 continued its triumphant career on the tracks, achieving third place at the Nurburgring GP with a team of pilots that highlighted the American Phil Hill. It reached ninth place in the hands of Alfonso de Portago in the Rouen-Les Essarts GP, and came second in the Kristianstad GP piloted by the famous racers Wolfgang von Trip and Peter Collins.

However, the biggest triumph for this Ferrari was the Thousand Kilometers Grand Prix of Buenos Aires in 1957, where the 0626 won the competition thanks to a stellar trio formed by the American pilot Masten Gregory and Italian pilots Eugenio Castelloti and Luigi Musso. 

The car, specially designed for Fangio, reached its moment of glory becoming a winner in the unforgettable racer’s homeland.

Tim Scott Fluid Images © 2015 courtesy RM Sotheby’s’
The performances of the Ferraris 290 MM in the WSC, led the team to be crowned winner of the manufacturers championship in 1956 and 1957 consecutively.

After being removed from official competitions, the 0626 was bought by several collectors who continued to use it in racing circuits for over a decade, and today has an impressive record of never having been wrecked or damaged in competition, which demonstrates an unmatched level of originality in the market.

This historic two-seater racing car, which was driven by the best drivers of its era and designed specifically for the brightest of all, will undoubtedly be the main attraction in the RM Sotheby’s auction next December 10 in New York.

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