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The campaign encourages and promotes charitable donations in the United States and Latin America.



A Day to Give: Solidarity and Good Deeds

By Angela Hirsch-Rizo


If there were a day to give the best of us, would we take advantage of it? If we were given the chance to help our neighbor, would we help? That day and opportunity do exist, and now is the time to participate. The name of the project is #Giving Tuesday.

#Giving Tuesday is a movement that started in 2012, an an initiative from the United Nations Foundation—created and chaired by Ted Turner— and the New York based organization 92Y, which agreed to establish the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving as a day devoted to charitable donations.

Giving Tuesday
Ted Turner, Founder of the United Nations Foundation & Sergio Fernández de Córdova, co-founder of PVBLIC Foundation.
Photo: Perry Bindelglass - Bindelglass Photography.

This year, the special day falls on December 3, just after the shopping rush that heralds the Holiday Season in the U.S. known, colloquially, as “Black Friday”, “Small Business Saturday” and “Cyber Monday”.  The following day, "Giving Tuesday” is dedicated to recognizing the generous donations made by individuals all over the world to charitable and humanitarian institutions or organizations through social media.

This year, the movement will be replicated in other countries, outside the US, with the potential to become a global day to celebrate the joy of giving.

The aim of this international movement is to spread the slogan A day to give, which like #Giving Tuesday, inspires people to get involved with various activities and initiatives, encourages charitable organizations to showcase their work for an active audience and motivates society as a whole to incorporate different ways of giving and helping others, so their actions will continue to grow and disseminate.

In its first year, #Giving Tuesday achieved the participation of more than 2,500 foundations and organizations in the United States, generating millions of donations and messages on social networks that impacted the lives of thousands of people globally. Now, this effort goes beyond the U.S. borders and reaches Latin America, a region that is expected to play a key role in this campaign.

"Latin America is at the forefront on issues related to social media and how they can change the way in which conversations about social welfare and philanthropy take place," said Aaron Sherinian, Vice President of Public Affairs at the United Nations Foundation, the organization that links the work of the United Nations with other foundations worldwide. "We are proud to contribute to this global effort to inspire the world to give, helping to address our most pressing problems."   

Giving Tuesday
UN Secretary General with part of his diplomatic court and Sergio Fernández de Córdova, co-founder of PVCLIC Foundation.

This year, the program brings together more than 6,000 foundations and organizations through worldwide contributions. "I am proud to be part of the #Giving Tuesday campaign" says Sergio Fernández de Córdova, director and representative of the United Nations Foundation for Latin America, and cofounder of the PVBLIC Foundation. "As a Latin American philanthropist and entrepreneur, I see the positive developments taking place in the region thanks to social media. We have used these tools to improve living conditions in one of the parts of the world most in need. "

The campaign is conducted mainly through social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Google+, inviting the public to show their solidarity according to their own possibilities: making monetary donations, volunteering or donating food, toys or medicines.

"The concept behind #Giving Tuesday  is very simple and yet very powerful," says Patricio Boyd, co-founder of OurMark.com and one of the leaders of the movement in Latin America. "The idea is that we all contribute to the cause, donating what we can: be it money, clothes, food, books, blood, or simply volunteering to work for a social cause that you feel identified with."

For more information, please visit the #Giving Tuesday web page at www.givingtuesday.org and #UnDiaParaDar: www.undiaparadar.net.

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