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Doggie beds are a great way to make your dog feel like they have their own personal space and to give both you and your pooch a restful night of sleep.



Lulu Flynn’s Top Dog Beds

By Lara Shriftman


Doggie beds are a great way to make your dog feel like they have their own personal space and to give both you and your pooch a restful night of sleep.

Eloise Bone Beds – Pretty In Pink
Eloise makes beds to fit any dog’s personality. Their products are also in hotels across the country including the Beverly Hills hotel so if your pup will feel at home. Eloise Pet Accessories even custom made signature Lulu Flynn dog beds for my party at ONE Bal Harbour! I like this chocolate brown and pink bed made of Hampton twill because it is soft, durable and cute. Eloise beds are especially convenient because they can be machine washed and dried.

Eddie Bauer Dog Bed
Your four-legged friend will feel pampered with one of these plush Eddie Bauer dog beds. Its microvelvet surface is convenient for you because it repels moisture and pet hair, and its “memory” polyester is great for your dog who won’t want to leave. You can also add a personalized touch by monograming it.

Dog Bar Miami Le Corbusier Style Dog Sofa
If you want your pup’s furniture to match the sophistication of your own, Dog Bar in Miami makes doggie sofas inspired by vintage Le Corbusier seating. This one has a washable removable cover and is available in vinyl or leather. This sofa’s durability will make it as timeless as the design of its inspiration.

Furcedes Bed
For a funny bed that your pet will look adorable in, try the “Furcedes” bed. They’ll love it because it is roomy and comfortable, and you’ll love it when your pooch zooms off happily to sleep.

Dolce Vita Duo Temp Bed
For something that is more practical, I love this Dolce Vita Duo temp bed that has both heating and cooling functions. The cooling is perfect for dealing with the summer time heat. After playing in the sun your pet will have a comfortable and cool place to sleep. And when it is cold out, nothing beats the comfort of a warm and cozy bed. As a bonus, warmth provides relief for sore joints and muscles and can reduce anxiety.

Frontgate Cameo Bed and Kai Round Pet Float
Frontgate has a variety of beds to fit you and your dog’s needs. They even have orthopedic beds to optimize comfort for a senior dog. Some of my favorites are their designer beds like the super cute Cameo pet bed that resembles an antique cameo. The cover is cotton and removable for easy washing and it is both comfortable for your pet and complimenting your décor. My other favorite product is the Kai Pet Float because every doggie deserves to unwind on the water! It also doubles as a stain and mold-resistant outdoor pet bed that is perfect for traveling to the beach, lake, or enjoying a day in the backyard pool.

Dog Beds
1. Eloise Bone Beds – Pretty In Pink.
2. Eddie Bauer Dog Bed.
3. Dog Bar Miami Le Corbusier Style Dog Sofa.
4. Furcedes Bed.
5. Dolce Vita Duo Temp Bed.
6. Frontgate Cameo Bed and Kai Round Pet Float.

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