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An exclusive Parisian boutique for glamorous pets.



Chic Du Chien by Goyard Paris: Elegant Creations for your Pet

By Nicholas Sterling

Pierre-François Martin founded Maison "Martin" in 1792 with the purpose of creating boxes, trunks and different kinds of packaging. His products soon became famous among the French aristocracy, and the firm was chosen as the official supplier for Her Highness Maria Carolina of Bourbon-Two Sicilies, Duchess of Berry.  The company's success pushed Martin to move his shop from rue Neuve des Capucines to number 233 rue Saint-Honoré in Paris, where it has remained ever since.

Pierre François Martin tutored his daughter Pauline who would inherit the business with husband Louis-Henri Morel. In 1845, Morel hired a young apprentice, 17-year-old François Goyard, who immediately stood out for his great creativity. 

died suddenly in 1852 and Goyard directed the firm for 32 glorious years. In his old age, he passed control to his son Edmond, thus beginning the Goyard legend of commitment to good taste and craftsmanship.

Currently, Goyard has a line of travel items that includes suitcases, vanity cases, hat boxes, handbags, briefcases, wallets, and card holders, as well as custom-made trunks. The manufacture of their luxury items follows techniques that date back to the 19th century.

Glamorous pets

Goyard has been selling a line of accessories for pets developed by Robert Goyard since the 19th century. Under the moniker Chic du Chien ("Canine Chic "). It features select necklaces, belts, pet bowls, and dishes made with the best materials. These luxurious items are sold exclusively at the Chic du Chien boutique, at number 352 of the rue Saint-Honore in Paris, right across from the original store.

The shop maintains the original appearance of 1890. It exhibits a range of rare pieces that were extremely popular during the Parisian Belle Epoque when the first advertising campaigns announced: Chic dogs wear Goyard. The publicity posters were designed by the great illustrators of the time, such as Pierre Falize, Mich, and Benjamin Barbier.

Just as chic as their owners

Goyard’s creations for dogs were in line with the splendor, modernity, and glamor of the 19th century. Wool and velvet coats, driving glasses to ride in convertibles with their owners, boots, belts and, and trunks for the animals were the some of the line’s earliest products. Cats also had their line; and interestingly, the firm created specially designed models for monkeys, which became very fashionable during the Belle Époque.


A visit to the Goyard boutique for pets in the 21st century brings the past into the present. The products’ exclusivity is evident in glass cases that showcase gold and silver necklaces, leashes made with the finest calf leather and exotic skins like crocodile or snake, original wood and silver bowls, carrying bags, and personalized handmade trunks.

 Throughout its long and proud history, Chic du Chien has catered to selected clients like the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, who often buy items for their adorable Pugs. Designer Karl Lagerfeld also favors the shop to please his famous kitten Choupette.

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