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woman of many contrasts


Fiona Ferrer: Madrid’s Fashion Girl

Paloma Clavet

She knows everyone and is deeply loved by those who know her.



Daughter of the former president of Pasarela Gaudi, home to the most coveted fashion shows in Barcelona, and the great Italian model Mietta Leoni, Fiona Ferrer was destined to become a force in the worlds of fashion and beauty. She has achieved success in both.

Fiona Ferrer
Fiona Ferrer.

Many consider her the new Isabel Preysler of the Spanish social set: good looking, charming and smart. She emanates glamour and elegance, and was born with a special gift for public relations. She knows everyone and is deeply loved by those who know her. To top it all off, she has an impressive curriculum.

At the tender age of 19, Fiona moved to Paris, where she became acquainted with the fashion elite working for Montana. She earned a degree in international relations from the University of Miami, and during her school years in the US, worked for Sotheby’s in the Latin American Art department. Fiona was also named Director of Communications for Artemundi in Miami and organized special auctions for important private collectors living in Florida. In addition, she was commissioned to bring European designers to Miami Fashion Week and served as Director of Institutional Relations for the Elite Model Look Colombia contest.

Her entrepreneurial debut was Fashion & Art, a firm that promoted exchanges between Mexico, Colombia, Miami, New York and Spain. She currently runs Concept2all with offices in Madrid, Miami, Bogota and Mexico City. The firm develops projects in fashion, art and entertainment. She collaborated with Elite Models for eight years, and in 2006 became Executive Producer of the successful TV production: Supermodel, which aired on Spanish television.

Fiona continued to produce and star in Fiona te necesito (I need you Fiona), a TV series about fashion trends and advice that featured interviews with designers and other professionals in the field. She also writes several blogs and columns. Wacu Girls, a book about the adventures of three women who are Worldly, Ambitious, Cool and Unique (WACU) received international success, and she is already working on a sequel to the successful tome.

Fiona Ferrer
Fiona Ferrer.

But Fiona is her own project. She has the versatility to materialize anything she puts her mind to. I’ve become so used to seeing her in the limelight, like the blond protagonist of a movie about love and luxury, that it surprises me to find her so concerned about the overwhelming unemployment and the economic crisis in Spain, worrying about the many friends who have lost their jobs and are having difficulties making ends meet. She is as sweet as the characters from her own novel, and never takes her honey-colored eyes off you when she talks, but she also has a lot of common sense. She is proud of her achievements but has no long-term goals, and has learned to seize the moment. As of today, she seems to have discovered the secret, if not of happiness, of serenity.

Fiona Ferrer
Fiona Ferrer.

Fiona has also learned to be an independent woman who fends for herself. Her separation from Jaime Polanco, the nephew of the founder of Grupo Prisa, Spain’s foremost communications firm, had her going through a difficult time, but nothing in her impeccable presence reveals any degree of anxiety: she never frowns, her hands are exquisitely manicured, speaks softly and with restrain and her lithe figure has not been affected by the heartbreak. Fiona never loses her composure or that beautiful smile. I’d be surprised if a wrinkle ever appeared on her freckled face that never makes an excessive gesture.

Fiona Ferrer
Fiona Ferrer.

Her surroundings are as well groomed as herself. Her office, in the center of Salamanca, reflects a commitment to order and good taste. Classic furniture mingles with daring modern artworks (her weakness), the brighter rooms collide with offices decorated with dark woods and dim lights, and the impersonal is mixed with the most intimate details, like the old typewriter Polanco gave her when they were still married (to wish her good luck with her first novel) that occupies a prominent place in her office.

It is difficult to have a clear impression of this woman of many contrasts. Her air of perfection may appear distant at first, but nothing is further from the truth. Her gaze always meets your eyes, she never forgets a name or a story, and can disarm you by revealing personal issues with the ease of an old and close friend. She loves her friends and claims “friendship among women is a treasure”. Her favorite pastime is grabbing a couple of friends to talk about nothing in particular over pizza.

Fiona Ferrer
Fiona Ferrer and her dogs for Elle Spain. Photo: Conrad White

Sometimes she feels the need to withdraw from the world and her social commitments. “I also like to isolate myself,” she says. She flirts with the fashion world, (it is her job), but is deeply involved in humanitarian causes. Her attendance is requested at countless social events, but her ideal Sunday is laying in bed in her pajamas, reading. Fiona Ferrer is a woman of many nuances and great personality, a great force delicately wrapped.

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