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WMF: Stylish flatware with unique designs

J.M. Towers

The world's top designers create beautiful forks, knives and spoons, some with classic designs, and others with riskier and avant-garde styles.



In bygone times, when dressing a formal table, the best available flatware was probably the classic thick stainless steel or silver cutlery you received as a wedding gift. But now, that idea has changed significantly and in recent years the world's best designers are creating beautiful and modern forks, knives and spoons— with more refined designs, but also following risky and avant-garde styles.

After all, lets not forget that the great designer Arne Jacobsen, considered one of the fathers of 20th century design, created the striking and futuristic flatware chosen to appear in a sequence of 2001: A Space Odyssey, the acclaimed 1968 film directed by Stanley Kubrick.

We present three very special proposals, designed exclusively for the prestigious German brand WMF by some of the best creators of the 20th century. For more than 150 years WMF has been devoted to steel designs with a segment dedicated to household goods. The examples that follow, made with the best stainless steel, will fully satisfy your demands and turn your dinners into artsy gastronomic events. See more home here.

«Piroutte» by Ron Arad
Dancing flatware

WMF Cutlery

Ron Arad, born in Tel Aviv in 1951, is  one of the world’s most talented industrial designers and architects. His remarkable creativity is responsible for the Pirouette cutlery for WMF. The Pirouette pieces remind us of the world of dance. The knife, fork and spoon seem to float on the table maintaining their balance on a small surface, and when we touch them, they begin to sway, bringing movement and fun to the table. Gone are all the conventions, making way for a new relationship with food, much more festive and cheerful. On the table, Pirouette comes alive and gives rise to new forms of creative and playful communication.

Zaha cutlery
The spatial vision of Zaha Hadid

WMF Cutlery

This bold interpretation of cutlery is the personal contribution of architect Zaha Hadid to tableware. Hadid, a real master of contemporary arts, was the first woman to receive the Pritzker Prize of Architecture in 2004. The cutlery she designed for WMF has a futuristic flair with high spatial reminiscences. The Zaha model fuses comfortable and easy handling with excellent ergonomics in an innovative and elegant aesthetic. The dynamic and edgy look is particularly striking.

Michalsky cutlery
Recreating the Classics

WMF Cutlery

Michael Michalsky— one of the great names of German design —is the creator of this outstanding flatware inspired by the classic WMF cutlery, where the retro feel of the concept is recreated in harmonious proportions. The decorative line that runs through every piece from top and back, the sharp separation between the handle and the head, as well as narrowing of the handle towards the blade, are thoroughly elaborated details. The result is a large size flatware with a refined and impressive presence.

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