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These three exclusive items will beautify your home inside and out, and at the same time will bring an artistic, modern and elegant touch.



Three Whims for Your Home:
Design and Cutting Edge Technology

By J.M. Towers


Our home is our refuge, the place where we spend much of our lives. It that should be filled with authentic masterpieces of modern design. These three exclusive items will beautify. and at the same time will give it an artistic, modern and elegant touch. See more about architecture here. 

A bathroom with a futuristic design

Whims for home

The bathroom is no longer just a place to bathe, thanks to items like Bathsphere, a crystal orb that hangs from the ceiling and causes a pleasant sensation of weightlessness.  Inside the Bathsphere we can simulate the morning dew, change its temperature and humidity, and regulate the intensity of the light while enjoying our favorite music and aromatherapy. Russian designer Alexander Zhukovsky created the Bathsphere based on the concept of "a space inside a space." The Bathsphere delivers a unique atmosphere for relaxation and well-being. This is how the house of the future will be. 

The «Petiole» hammock
Cutting edge design

Whims for home

The Petiole Hammock earned the Les Decouvertes Award at the Paris Maison & Objet 2012 design fair for its original and creative design. Handmade in Sweden by two skilled craftsmen that take up to four weeks to mold it piece by piece, the hammock is supported by a stand made of electro-polished stainless steel that bends to form a half circle. 
Its particular configuration allows for an idyllic and relaxing swing. In addition, its canvas canopy blocks 86 percent of UV rays, but still allows you to see the sky. This perfectly balanced creation easily holds the weight of two adults. Its price: $35,000.

The volcanic sofa by Peugeot Design

Whims for home

Peugeot Design Lab introduced the Onyx sofa during the recent edition of Milan Design Week 2014. This luxury item has one-half made of volcanic stone and the other handcrafted from carbon fiber, which make up a truly ingenious and beautiful line. The sofa is the result of the impressive conceptual design of Pierre Gimbergues
The 9-foot Onyx sofa is the first in a series of custom furniture the studio is planning to produce. The rock used is volvic lava stone— which has been filtering water for thousands of years—hand-cut and attached to the high-tech carbon. Its imposing presence and sculptural appearance make it a museum piece. The Onyx sofa has been polished and assembled by Gimbergues himself and is priced at approximately $185,000. 

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