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What will the homes of the future look like? The following products could hold the answer. Their design, originality and use of new technologies, set up the trends for the future.



The house of the future:
functional and avant-garde furniture

By J.M. Towers


Interior and industrial designers continue to redefine the way we live and care for our homes. Elegance, these days, should be paired with the latest technological advancements to keep up with our convoluted lifestyles. We present three exceptional futuristic concepts by renowned artists such as Ekateryna Sokolova, Amirko and Zaha Hadid. Convincing, revolutionary and original designs are heralding the future of home decor. Read more about homes and architecture here.

Aqua Vita Sink
The essence of wood and water

The house of the future

Ukrainian designer Ekateryna Sokolova has emerged as one of the most brilliant minds in the international design scene. Her creations, based on simplicity and purity of forms, are inspired by nature. A classic example of Sokolova´s work is her elegant pedestal sink, originally intended to be made from steel and synthetic materials, but the warmth of wood—either solid or laminated—is simply irresistible. Furthermore, as an ecological and sustainable material, wood has become one of the most desirable options in interior design. The undulating lines on the wood used to construct Sokolova’s Aqua Vita sink, fluid and conical, are organic and functional, one finds the subtle line between the beautiful and the sublime. Exquisite ease and uncompromising style define this stylish accessory.

Change it!!
The chameleon wall

The house of the future

Change is a whimsical project by the Russian designer Amirkhan Abdurakhmanov, best known as Amirko, which at first glance looks like simple room divider—a curtain of sorts-- but it is much more, it is a movable screen made up of hundreds of small multicolor blocks, which can be arranged in multiple combinations to create concrete images, 3D effects, text, etc. The possibilities are endless, limited only by our imagination. In addition, it is available with LED lighting, and adjustable color and intensity to set the perfect environment for each time of day.

Z. Island
A multi-sensory kitchen

The house of the future

The modern Z. Island kitchen is the brainchild of famous Anglo-Iraqi architect Zaha Hadid in collaboration with Ernestomeda and DuPont. This futuristic rendition of an interactive residential kitchen features exciting innovations both in terms of materials and structural organization, as well as seamless integration with the latest technologies. The Z. Island has embedded heating cells, touch control panels, sound activators, LED lighting and multimedia entertainment system that allows users to surf the Internet, watch TV, listen to music or create specific environments using different colored lights and aromatherapy. Each of these features is controlled through a central panel on the Corian surface by DuPont, a versatile, pliable, resilient and translucent material that Hadid frequently uses  in her ultramodern designs. ■

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