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Restart: Personalized Kitchens
in Classic Florentine Style

J.M. Towers

To bring elegant, classic decor to the home, those who love attention to details and good taste have a place to choose from a varied selection of Italian kitchens appliances made to order with artisanal touches.



The Italian city of Antella, near Florence, is home to Restart, a company devoted to recovering the tradition of beautiful Tuscan kitchens that can still be admired today in the old lavish Florentine palaces and villas.

Classic Kitchens

In an attempt to rediscover the beauty within the tradition, Restart designs and builds appliances for the 21st century kitchen, inspired by the classic aesthetics of Florentine residences of yore. In the Antella workshops, the hands of skilled artisans give life to a vintage collection of refrigerators and cooking appliances, made from high-quality materials such as solid cast brass, burnished copper, cast iron and stainless steel. More about architecture and design. 

Each of their creations is a unique piece, custom designed to meet the demands of every client. These luxurious items, made to order, could be considered works of art in the kitchen, following a philosophy that invests expertise and attention to detail to achieve perfection.

Classic Kitchens

Made of very thick steel, these limited edition appliances are unique and customizable both in color and finishes. They are produced with the most advanced technology and include a triple-glazed oven, a high-end dishwasher and professional burners that rival those in the best restaurants.

Restart is the ideal solution if you are looking to introduce vintage style to a modern kitchen, of if you prefer a more rustic decor where metal appliances stand out among other noble materials such as precious woods and Italian marble.

Restart has offices in Italy, Sweden and the United States, where lovers of perfection, detail and good taste can choose from a select collection of ranges and refrigerators to adorn their homes with elegance and distinction.

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