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Invisibile by Toncelli, Medusae Collection
Lamps and a Chess by Ferrari,
the Latest for Your Home

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These exclusive items will beautify your home inside or out with an artistic, modern and elegant aesthetic.



The most exclusive and innovative pieces are featured in our usual monthly presentation of original and unique elements for the home. This time we introduce a sensational kitchen, a striking collection of lamps and a chess set with exclusive Ferrari design.

Invisibile by Toncelli
The kitchen of the future

The latest for the home

More than 50 years manufacturing kitchens endorse the Italian firm Toncelli as one of the most reputable companies in the world in its field. The maker of luxury kitchens now presents its latest creation: Invisibile, an innovative and functional project with the most fascinating aesthetic. Based on an idea from the Carlesi Design Studio, Invisibile uses carbon fiber in the kitchen, not to coat an existing structure, but as the structure itself, perfect for building the Infinity Peninsula located on the floor, and the Infinity cabinet suspended from the ceiling. Carbon fiber is particularly resistant to heat and impact, yet it is extremely lightweight. Toncelli’s Invisibile also features a new coating system made of liquid metal that gives kitchen units an unsurpassed shine, the perfect complement to the carbon fiber finish. The absence of grooves and mangoes enhance the aerodynamic lines, which further emphasizes the "invisible" nature of the design. The cabinets and drawers of this automation kitchen open automatically without the need of handles. It also comes with a touch screen, internet connection and integrated sound system. Invisibile is a hand-made futuristic kitchen which can only be purchased by special order.

Medusae Collection Lamps
Design and ecology

The latest for the home

Roxy Russell has created some beautiful lamps made from recycled plastic. With pieces in the shape of a jellyfish, the Californian designer aims to draw attention to the danger plastic pollution poses for our seas. "I do not think the PET (polyethylene terephthalate) is a bad material, it is how we use that is harmful," says Russell. "We will never be able to completely eliminate something as versatile as plastic, but we must also keep in mind that it is a safe material, non-toxic, without heavy metals and whose main advantage is that it can be recycled." For the designer, the lamps in his Medusae collection are a tribute to the fragility and beauty of the ocean. The four models —Hydra, Medusa, Ophelia and Polyp— are made of materials that can be separated for recycling. The lamps come packed in flat pieces to be assembled by the buyer. This minimizes the amount of space used for their transportation. These lamps are manufactured in Los Angeles, and a percentage of the proceeds from the sale is donated to The Ocean Conservancy Association.

Chess by Ferrari
An elegant addition to your home

The latest for the home

Ferrari recently unveiled an exclusive chess set made of carbon fiber, wood, metal and enameled crystal. Both the box and the board form one single piece, and the chess pieces carved from wood and painted red and black —Ferrari’s iconic colors— can be stored inside. The knights look exactly like the brand's distinctive cavallino rampantethe brand, and the set also includes black and red chips to play checkers. The Ferrari chess set will stand out in any corner of your home.

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