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Greenland Qingpu Xujing District:
A Futuristic Architectural Project in Shanghai

Federico Tibytt

For its futuristic design and spectacular architecture, Shanghai’s Greenland Qingpu Xujing District will be another attractive reason to visit this renewed Chinese city.



The Greenland Qingpu Xujing District is an ambitious project under development in the Chinese city of Shanghai that has caught the attention of architecture lovers worldwide for its spectacular futuristic design. With nearly 16,000 square meters (172,000 square feet), the colossal complex—expected for completion in 2016—will host a five-star hotel, shopping center and arcade, connected by a pedestrian bridge to the Qingpu Xujing Convention and Exhibition Center.

Greenland Qingpu Xujing District

In recent years, the People's Republic of China has experienced a kind of "westernization" to develop and improve the infrastructure of its major cities and make them more attractive to locals and tourists. The exponential economic growth of the Asian giant has triggered a domestic architectural expansion to suit the needs of an emerging and thriving local aristocracy with a penchant for luxuries and amenities of international renown. In response to the new market demands, China currently has countless hospitality and service initiatives that foment the construction of mega projects such as the Sunrise Kempinski Hotel on Lake Yanqi, or the Castle Hotel, in Dalian.

The Greenland Qingpu Xujing stands out for its powerful visual impact and futuristic organic lines inspired by the cloverleaf. The architecture of the new shopping gallery evokes a marine vessel, with fixed glass and metal panels that form a sort of bow and stern. It features a central nave of overlapping irregular planes that deliver a dynamic profile of enormous appeal. Inside, a glass roof fills the three levels with bright natural light. Read more about the latest in architecture and design.

Greenland Qingpu Xujing District

Developed by the architects from Aedas and designed by the renowned Chinese architect Wai Tang, the project will function as a social hub. The Primus five star hotel and the shopping mall will attract guests while the pedestrian layout will direct visitors to the Exhibition and Convention Center, integrating all the multifunctional experiences. As a perfect complement, the district will also include several public open spaces bringing more life and activity to the neighborhood.

The Greenland Qingpu Xujing District in Shanghai will be another good reason to plan a visit to this paradigmatic Chinese city.

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