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From diamonds to the most exquisite porcelain, and from innovative leather briefcases to  full polo sets, the English firm is responsible for accessorizing you and your home.



Asprey London: Captivating Objects for You and Your Home

By Mary Elizabeth Collins

Salt and Pepper shakers

Asprey London, founded in 1781 by William Asprey, was originally based in Mitcham, Surrey, in the southeast of England. Eventually, the firm moved to its current facility in New Bond Street, in the heart of the British capital.

Silver dog

Asprey London sells exclusive luxury items of the highest quality for personal use and to embellish households with an elegant and recognizably "British" style. In 1862, Asprey London received a Royal Warrant from Queen Victoria of England. In the same year, the company won a gold medal for the stunning beauty of its merchandise in the International Exhibition in London.

By the second half of the 19th century, the firm was already selling watches manufactured in the UK, which were considered luxury items and had a great appeal worldwide. The 1920s and 30s were golden decades for Asprey London when it embraced the new Art Deco style, and its iconic designs reflected the energy and originality of an era.

Porcelain tea set

Precious stones adorn a ring

Post-war boom

During World War II, Asprey London decided to keep running its workshops in Nettleford, on Euston Road, which helped its team of artisans stay out of the war. Thus, its expert silversmiths created pieces for the Admiralty and other government departments.

Asprey London continued to grow after the war. The workshops moved to the top of its store in New Bond Street, and—as a result—the business flourished. The label received orders from around the world, including exclusive items created especially for royal families. 

In addition to its collections of silver, glass, and leather, Asprey London has grown to take a leadership position in the jewelry sector as well as in watchmaking, partnering with big brands like Bovet 1822 and Rolex.

Asprey timepiece

Steady growth 

Already in the 21st century, the firm continues to innovate and offer the highest level of unique design and craftsmanship in a mix of diversified products, including silver, crystal, porcelain, leather, jewelry, watches, porcelain, toiletries, etc.

Its jewelry collections are beautiful and distinctive, highlighting the rings and diamond necklaces, excellent timepieces and, of course, leather goods that include handbags, jewelry boxes, and briefcases made from the finest materials available.

Leather goods at Asprey

Silver cup

Delicate mug and plate
For those who wish to make a unique bridal gift, Asprey London offers the opportunity to engrave initials or even a personalized text on silver pieces or crystal glasses.

In 2017, Asprey London will celebrate 235 years creating hand-crafted art through small pieces of extraordinary beauty and durability thanks to a team of excellent craftsmen and creative designers who demonstrate that exquisite taste can be accompanied by exclusivity.

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