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Amillarah Private Islands:
Your Paradise on the Water

Mary Elizabeth Collins

Personalized, sustainable artificial islands protected from rising waters and environmentally friendly.



Given their geographical circumstances, the Dutch have become leading experts in safeguarding and reclaiming land from the sea. That experience has been crucial to the company Dutch Docklands (experts in flotation developments and technologies) which has partnered with the prestigious Christie’s International Real Estate firm to create Amillarah Private Islands.

Amillarah Private Islands

Owning a private island is a high aspiration, but it can also become an unattainable dream. Thanks to this new international megaproject, that illusion becomes a possible goal.

Amillarah Private Islands focuses on customizable floating homes designed by the famous Dutch architect Koen Olthuis. These artificial islands are completely self-sustaining, protected from rising sea levels, harmless to the environment, and they even entertain the idea of promoting a new underwater habitat for marine life.

To achieve such goal, Amillarah Private Islands is working with Ocean Futures Society—a company created by Jean-Michel Cousteau—specializing in research to improve the reaction of marine life to artificial reefs under the portable islands, and generating the possibility of new habitats.

Amillarah Private Islands
1, 4. Miami.
2, 3. Dubai.

The floating mansions are movable so that their owners can relocate the bedroom at will to better contemplate a sunrise or a sunset. The water surrounding them creates a natural border that provides privacy and freedom not found in any other real estate in the world. It is like owning a castle protected by the huge moat of salty water. The buyer will decide if he wants a romantic area surrounded by greenery, a tropical island with white sand beaches or contemporary urban enclave.

The potential locations Amillarah Private Islands has proposed to build the lavish floating homes are the Maldives, Dubai, and Miami. In the Maldives, the project will be hosted is one of the island nation’s most beautiful lagoons. In collaboration with the country's government, the company will build ten Amillarah Private Islands just twenty-five minutes from the international airport. The islands will be designed with a maximum of privacy and luxury, offering their owners the best of modern architecture.

Amillarah Private Islands

In Dubai, Amillarah Private Islands has signed an agreement with the Oqyana Real Estate Company to build a total of thirty-three luxury floating structures. 

And in Miami, the homes will be constructed on a 175-acre lake connected to the intercoastal and the ocean. These will be the first 30 islands built on American soil. Their owners will surely enjoy living in a place famous for its luxurious lifestyle, nightlife, gastronomy, unique shops, and countless entertainment options.

The ultimate goal of Amillarah Private Islands is to make each of their present and future floating projects, a paradigm of exclusivity and comfort for those who are looking for a property where privacy, recreation and relaxation time are the main amenities.

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