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Arte Veneziana, known for their classic furnishings, ventures into the creation of contemporary products under a new label called Rivalto, whose modern, edgy style mixes old Venetian artisanal methods with the latest trends.



Rivalto by Arte Veneziana:
The Vanguard of the Italian Crystal Tradition

By Heike Söns


It is believed that the Venetian glassmaking tradition dates from the seventh century, and although at first the items produced were purely utilitarian— mainly bottles, vases or lamps—with the passage of time they became increasingly sophisticated ornamental pieces. As the glassmakers from Murano and Torcello were refining their technique and settling in various parts of Italy, their work began to attract attention in Europe. By the 18th century, Venetian glass had reached its peak and countries like France, Spain and Germany joined in the production of glassware, but never managed to overshadow the exquisite Italian glass.

Rivalto of Arte Veneziana

This glassmaking tradition is what distinguishes the luxury furniture firm Arte Veneziana, with headquarters in Martellago, Venice, whose philosophy is to combine the sparkle of the crystals and Venetian mirrors with other high quality materials to create unique furniture.

Although Arte Veneziana is known for designing classic furnishings, recently it has ventured into the creation of contemporary furniture through its new label Rivalto, which has positioned itself as a benchmark in the luxury market, offering alternatives for a young and adventurous audience.

Rivalto of Arte Veneziana

Rivalto faithfully follows the line marked by the Zanin family, founder and owner of Arte Veneziana: combining the old Venetian craftsmanship with fine woods and luxurious fabrics. In charge of the design is the architect Luca Giovanni Ferreri, an expert in the fusion of art and decoration. Born in 1970 and with a doctorate in Architectural Composition and Research from the Institute of Venice, Ferreri is taking Rivalto in a different direction, offering customized solutions with great creativity.

Rivalto uses glass, mirrors and their reflections as the leitmotif of its first collection. With distinctly Italian craftsmanship, this line consists of a selection of items ranging from chandeliers and wardrobes to exquisitely upholstered chairs using the best Italian silks.

Rivalto of Arte Veneziana

Of particular beauty among the pieces included in the first collection we found glass details that decorate the backs of chairs, chandeliers that are a reinterpretation of traditional pieces and the sumptuous armchairs and stools that deliver optimum luxury and comfort. But perhaps Rivalto´s strongest point is the full service it offers to its customers, ranging from customizing each of their deliveries and building new designs that meet their particular needs.

This is already the third generation of the Zanin family devoted to collaborations with the leading Italian designers— such as Leo De Carlo, Celeste Dell'Anna and Mateo Fossa— in order to take the quality and creations of Arte Veneziana beyond predictability.

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