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New York's unrivaled culinary reputation is characterized by great restaurants, the variety of its cuisine, and a fantastic range of styles, prices, environments and specialties.



The Best Steakhouses in New York City

By Susana Ramudo


The city of New York is well known for its culinary delights. Its unrivaled reputation is characterized by great restaurants, the variety of its cuisine, and a fantastic range of styles, prices, environments and specialties.

Best Steakhouses
Old Homestead Steakhouse signature 40-ounce Porterhouse steak with sides of classic creamed spinach and truffle mac n cheese.

With so many interesting options available, it could be difficult to choose where to dine on a particular evening. And if you think choosing is difficult, keeping updated on the latest food craze, is even more grueling. New restaurants debuts are the norm in the Big Apple, and in the case of steakhouses, the competition is huge.

On Manhattan’s Meatpacking District there are excellent restaurants. Originally, it was the place where meat was processed for distribution in New York, but now it has become one of the most fashionable dining destinations in the city for the rich and famous, where one can find an abundance of regional and ethnic cuisines. But if what you want is a good cut of meat, simply go to "Old Homestead", serving the best steak in Manhattan since 1868.

Best Steakhouses
Old Homestead Steakhouse.

If your scene is the area around Grand Central Train Station at 42nd Street and Fifth Avenue, busy with commuters and businessmen, the best recommendation are the succulent ribs and steaks at Benjamin Steak House.

Best Steakhouses
Benjamín Steakhouse NYC.

Also near Grand Central is Sparks, founded in 1966, with an extraordinary wine list. In Midtown, in the heart of the business district we find BLT Steak, near Gramercy Park, which offers excellent service and a good wine variety. Del Frisco’s also in Midtown, is spacious and has a great bar scene.

Keens, in the Garment District, was founded in 1885. It offers a nostalgic, evocative atmosphere with excellent quality and service. Around the Village, Strip House stands out not only for their meat and side orders, but also for its original decor.

Best Steakhouses
BLT Steakhouse in NYC.

Those who favor the hip, up and coming neighborhoods of Brooklyn, will want to visit Peter Luger, one of the best deals in all New York. Located in Williamsburg, it is a must for "carnivores" looking for traditional old-fashioned steak fare. Zagat and USA Today consider it the best steakhouse in New York. St. Anselm, also in Brooklyn, offers great quality at extremely reasonable prices. New York Magazine chose it as NYC’s Best Steakhouse in 2012.

The city also boasts branches of the most popular steakhouses in the U.S., like Morton's, Capital Grille, Smith and Wollensky, and Palm.

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