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Burgundy wines enjoy the highest esteem at the world's most elegant tables.



Maison Louis Latour: The Greatness of Burgundy 

By J.M. Towers


Louis Latour is one of the largest family-owned wineries in Burgundy with mote than two centuries of history. Chaired by Louis-Fabrice Latour, 11th generation and CEO of the company, the label’s wines continue to be synonymous with elegance and refined taste.

Corton Vineyards

The Latour family still lives in Aloxe-Corton, a beautiful medieval village in Burgundy, a department of Côte-d'Or. Since the 17th century, they have owned the winery and the domaine that produce the noble pinot grapes. The 50 hectares of land are mostly (90%) devoted to producing Grand and Premier Cru, wines of remarkable superiority. One of the reasons that make this winery praiseworthy is its commitment to traditional sustainable agricultural methods. According to the company, great wines are the result of a well-kept terroir where biological resources replace—in every way—the use of chemical shortcuts. 

The company insists that the grapes should be harvested by hand, just as in the 17th century. The fruit is carefully placed in wicker baskets and then taken to the sorting table. At the winery, the workers sort them by hand to ensure the production of high-quality wines.

left: Rue des Tonneliers in Beaune
right, top: Vineyard; right, bottom: Barrels 

Aloxe-Corton 1er Cru Les Chaillots 2009 is a precious vintage from a stony vineyard that produces small pinot noir grapes laden with the tannins that give it an intense ruby color, with aromas of red fruits, balanced flavors, and a lingering mineral finish. 

Another pinot noir with remarkable organoleptic qualities is Volnay 1er Cru En Chevret 2004. Exceptionally delicate and elegant, it is bright red and delivers subtle aromas of ripe plums and strawberries. In the palate, the flavors of violets and red fruits are evident. Due to its fullness, this wine should be uncorked soon after acquiring. 

We highly recommend the Château Corton Grancey Grand Cru 2005, considered one of the best wines from Burgundy. With a deep ruby color, both the aromas and flavors are intensely fruity. Its delicate flavor evokes the green hills of the French countryside. Its balanced tannins endow it with elegance and highlight its mineral nuances with notes of dark chocolate and ripe red fruits. This sophisticated vintage will please the most demanding enologist, and can remain in storage up to ten years.

These pinot noir vintages from Maison Louis Latour are clear examples of the high esteem bestowed upon the coveted wines from Burgundy.

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