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The Danish capital has become a reference for international gastronomy. Its best restaurants have earned a total of 20 Michelin stars. 



Copenhagen: The City with 20 Michelin Stars

By Verónica Boix


Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, is currently experiencing its greatest gastronomic boom thanks 20 Michelin stars concentrated in a single city. Now, the Danish phrase nordisk mad (Nordic food) is a symbol of distinction and defines a major trend in the world of haute cuisine.


Under the glow of its abundant Michelin stars, the Danish culinary scene has revolutionized European cuisine with unanimous praise from both critics and the specialized media. So much so that the prestigious British magazine Restaurant chose, for three consecutive years, Copenhagen’s Noma as the best restaurant in the world; it currently ranks fifth. Noma combines the talents of Chef René Redzepi with a strict philosphy: a commitment to using only ingredients from Nordic countries.

Noma Restaurant.

Noma’s recipes are based on creative combinations of local products such as sea kelp, lamb or beef with herbs such as berries and edible roots. A typical dinner may include an appetizer of cod skin chips, Greenland prawns with milk snow, a tartare of musk ox garnished with shamrocks, and a North Sea lobster. 

Kokkeriet Restaurant.

Another renowned restaurant is Formel B, which received its first star in 2006. Located in the Frederiksberg district, it is considered one of Scandinavia’s best restaurants thanks to its sublime six-course menu.

Formel B Restaurant.

But the Nordic dining experiences are not reserved only for these restaurants. Copenhagen celebrates culinary events known for their originality, quality and entertainment value. To enjoy a delicious snack in the Copenhagen Kitchen Festival is an extraordinary experience. This year, the ten day festival celebrated its twelfth edition and showcased an explosion of colors and aromas that filled the entire city, becoming a temptation for the most discerning palates.

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