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Salon de Parfums: An Innovative Concept
for Perfumes of the Highest Quality

Mary Elizabeth Collins

Luxury and sophistication have a new space in London's Harrods stores, offering the finest and rarest fragrances in the world.



Undoubtedly, London’s best-known shopping destination is Harrods department store. Founded in 1834 and located in the central district of Knightsbridge, the flagship megastore is a veritable paradise for luxury shopping. True to its motto: Omnia Omnibus Ubique (everything for everyone and everywhere), Harrods has the latest and most exclusive fashion and gifts of all kinds.

Salon de Parfums

To please a growing clientele and meet their interests and needs, the London store recently opened the elegant Salon de Parfums, where luxury and sophistication combine to provide the finest and rarest fragrances in the world, along with exclusive services to create customized fragrances.

At the Salon de Parfums— elegantly decorated in white, cream and pastel colors—the client is cared for by experts with professionalism and discretion. It offers eleven of the most renowned perfume brands, from Kilian, Chanel, Clive Christian Creed and Dior to Ex Nihilo, Guerlain, Jacques Henry, Roja Dove Haute Parfumerie, Tom Ford and XerJoff. There is also an extensive gallery of fragrances, including exclusive global brands like Thomas Kosmala and the most unusual perfumes from Velvet Collection, Dolce & Gabbana, Elie Saab and Bond No 9. Read more about our selection of fragrances and fashion.

Salon de Parfums

"The ritual of selecting and ultimately buying a perfume is very personal. Fine fragrances are increasingly sought after for their sophistication and power to captivate the senses," says Mia Collins, head of the beauty department at Harrods. "For that reason we wanted to build this temple, a paradise of fine fragrances based on an innovative concept of exclusive perfumery."

Salon de Parfums is also the exclusive distributor of the No.1 Passant Guardant fragrance, created by perfumer Clive Christian. Although the regular flask of this perfume is priced at $720, the special edition of 30 milliliters has been dubbed "the most expensive perfume in the world". With a price of $230,000, it is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records.

The spectacular design pays homage to Queen Victoria. The special edition of No. 1 Passant Guardant by Clive Christian comes in a flask of the finest crystal, covered with a lattice of 24-carat gold and adorned with diamonds. In total, it has 2,000 diamonds, and the lion motif on the front of the bottle is decorated with two yellow diamonds in place of the eyes while the tongue sports a rare pink diamond.

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