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Makeup for men is on the rise, and its use can be attributed to distinction and flirtatiousness.



Makeup is Also for Men

By Walter Raymond


The intense gaze of Johnny Depp, the exciting look of Billie Joe Armstrong of punk band Green Day, or the dreamy look of the Spanish singer Miguel Bosé have a common denominator: the wise use of eyeliner. Their status as artists allows them to be as daring and innovative as they wish when it comes to dress and coquetry. But as more and more ordinary men become concerned about their image, they are turning to makeup to hide aesthetic flaws, to look more attractive, or to express their personalities.

From clay to compact powder 

Over time, makeup or face adornment has been an instrument of nonverbal communication between humans. It is presumed that our ancestors applied clay to their faces and bodies to express different moods or for special social occasions. Egyptian friezes give clear indications of facial aesthetic care during the Pharaonic period. Also, the use of Baroque makeup was widely applied in the French courts until the advent of the Republic.

Currently, men are turning to makeup to correct imperfections, remove dark circles or get a tanned skin tone, among other details. Fashion— as well as the growing interest in personal health and appearance— stimulate the resurgence of male cosmetics as a complement to beauty.

Makeup provides men with a fresh and vigorous appearance at all times.

Although men have been naturally reluctant to use creams or lotions, in recent years, they started to adopt the use of cleansing and moisturizing creams to combat wrinkles and maintain a youthful appearance. The change in their habits allows the use of a discreet and flattering makeup. And while it used to be considered a rarity—an eccentricity limited to artists or people that belonged to certain social circles—today, makeup is becoming an essential element of vanity for the modern man.

Executive makeup 

Nevertheless, for several years, male makeup has been used by top executives and political leaders in Europe and the United States. The need to show a fresh and vigorous appearance at all times encouraged cosmetic research and the subtle incorporation of distinct product lines for men.

Guys should look for professional advice when venturing into the world of cosmetics. Courtesy of  http://www.manrepeller.com/2015/11/men-wearing-makeup.html

Distinguished leading companies such as L'Oreal Paris, Jean Paul Gaultier, Guerlain, and Yves Saint Laurent, among others, have been supplying the market with exclusive skincare products to enhance and beautify the male skin.

Dermatologists say that, given the very distinctive characteristics of men's skin, guys should look for professional advice before venturing into the world of cosmetics. Beauty experts coincide, recommending, as a fundamental and unavoidable care, keeping the skin well hydrated.

Makeup and skincare for men can help you achieve the perfect look.

If you want to correct imperfections in your epidermis, they suggest using a product with a color similar to the user’s skin, avoid illuminator products, which are lighter than the skin, or use accent colors that could feminize the face. They also note that, in expert hands, the use of soft eye shadows and subtle eyeliner can enhance the look and highlight masculine and seductive features. ■

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