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House of Sillage’s Limited Edition Collection consists of seven types of eau de parfum made in Paris.



Limited Edition Collection by House of Sillage: 
Exclusive Perfumes for Women

By Mary Elizabeth Collins


The story of Nicole Mather, founder of the haute perfumery firm House of Sillage, represents the American dream. Romanian by birth and American by choice, her life is an example of will and growth. She fled Communism in her birth country together with her family looking for freedom and a better life. She would later become a very successful woman thanks to her commitment and hard work.

Mather’s outstanding academic prowess opened the doors to important positions in high finance, particularly in two large banking companies like UBS Securities and Goldman Sachs.

However, five years ago she left everything to devote her time to the craft of haute perfumery—something she loved from a very young age. She created the California-based House of Sillage, and her fragrances—presented in beautiful flasks featuring precious metals and Swarovski crystals—have garnered the admiration of a very select crowd.  

The Limited Edition Collection—made in Paris—is among the most outstanding to emerge from the firm. As the name implies, it is a limited and numbered edition of seven types of 75 ml eau de parfum. Only one thousand bottles of each have been produced, except for the Tiara, which has five thousand.

The price for some of the bottles containing such delicate perfumes can be as high as $400,000 as they have been created by the expert hands of dedicated craftsmen.

Benevolence: It has aromas of flowers and sweet vanilla powder. Among its ingredients stand out essential oils of Tunisian bitter almond, orange blossom also from Tunisia, and select Madagascar vanilla.

Cherry Garden: This fragrance evokes Oriental fruits and images. In the background, there is an elegant hint of Sicilian bergamot oil, sweet and woody sandalwood, and the sumptuous richness of white musk.

Emerald Reign: The white tiger resting peacefully on the cap represents confidence and inner strength. As you uncover the flask, you perceive aromas of nutmeg from Indonesia, spicy cardamom oil, cilantro from India as well as sandalwood, benzoin and vanilla.

Holiday by House of Sillage: With aromas of Virginia cedar oil, Egyptian jasmine, vetiver from Haiti, tangerines and roses, this eau de parfum aims to recall the magic of Christmas.

Love is in the Air: Created especially for lovers, it is fruity, floral and green thanks to notes of plum, fresh and sweet jasmine, and soft and sexy white musk.

Nouez Moi: This irresistible fragrance captivates with notes of Bulgarian rose, bergamot, patchouli from Indonesia and aromatic Indian cardamom. It is a sensual potion of exotic spices that enhances sensuality and seduction.

Tiara: Femininity is entirely represented by this perfume, which contains green mandarin from Calabria, Bulgarian rose oil and vanilla from Madagascar, together with rare flowers. It is a scent that magically transforms every woman who wears it. 

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