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Guerlain Paris and Its Exceptional Fragrances

Walter Raymond

Four of the seven fragrances that make up this little known collection combine the sophistication of French jewelry with exquisite blends created by expert perfumers.



Among the exquisite limited edition perfumes from Maison Guerlain in Pais, we’ve selected four gems that merge traditional French perfumery, and the work of Paris’ admired goldsmiths and jewelers.

Guerlain Fragrances

An exclusive collection

Guerlain’s exclusive collection includes sublime fragrances. One of the most outstanding is Nuit D'amour, created as a tribute to Gustav Klimt’s emblematic painting Lady with Hat and Boa. The neoimpressionist work reflects the mysterious sensuality of an unknown woman. Also worth mentioning is Chamade pour Homme, announced for marketing as "the scented promise of a love chill", and the traditional Angélique Noire with fresh aromas that evoke feminine vanilla accents. The collection also includes Arsene Lupin, Derby, and the delicate essence of Rose Nacrée Du Desert.

The four crown jewels of Guerlain

Among the seven fragrances that make up this little known collection, four stand out for mixing the sophistication of French jewelry with the exquisite blends form their master perfumers.

Guerlain Fragrances

Heure Bleue 100éme Anniversaire: limited edition of 43 numbered bottles

This fragrance releases aromas of carnations and neroli with the freshness of bergamot and subdued notes of anise, which seem wrapped in a breeze of lily and violet before settling on seductive notes of vanilla, benzoin, and tonka bean. It comes presented in the emblematic Guerlain Quadrilobe Baccarat flask, tinged with a profound and magnetic blue. The flask’s neck is adorned with a bouquet of violets carved in crystal and chiseled in 24K gold by the famous jeweler Gripoix.

Shalimar Talisman Byzantin: limited edition of 25 numbered bottles

The bouquet of jasmine and rose, highlighted by lemon and bergamot, is subtlety combined with a soft and captivating aroma, with the prevalence for opoponax, tonka bean, lily, and frankincense. A hearty dose of the finest vanilla accents this delicious oriental fragrance. The original 1.5-liter container, created by Gripoix Paris, features dark blue glass with pearl beads woven into 24K golden mesh, evoking the splendor of Byzantine decorations.

Guerlain Fragrances

La Petite Robe Noire: limited edition of 37 numbered units

This is a seductive blend of black tea, patchouli, and black cherry, accompanied by the audacious Guerlinade. This profound alchemy shows the exuberance of the lily, the smooth identity of vanilla and the relaxing aura of tonka bean with its almond aromas. It comes in a heart-shaped flask created by Kuntzel + Deygas designers.

L’Abeille aux Ailes Argent: a limited edition of 50 units

The fragrance Rêve de Lune offers a sinuous path of floral and spicy notes. It surprises for its soft texture and subtle elegance. The fresh notes of bergamot and neroli are illuminated with a veil of aldehydes that shine like silver. The striking bee bottle crafted in Baccarat crystal appears transparent with golden reflexes. The wings of the bee dazzle with platinum highlights.

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