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An energetic serum for the skin


Bobbi Brown: A Holistic Approach to Beauty

Elysze Held

Authentic, revitalizing and energetic, Bobbi Brown's Intensive Skin Serum Foundation SPF 40 is faithful to her philosophy that all good things come from the inside.



Bobbi Brown, a giant in the cosmetics industry, has been immensely successful by advocating moderation. “Less is more is her mantra”. I recall hearing of Bobbi Brown during the “more is more” makeup phase of the 1980s. She made an impact then with her signature lightweight, natural-looking foundation collection. Her brand continues to embody all that is authentic. She spoke of  “a holistic approach to beauty”, and continues to uphold this truth.

Bobbi Brown
Bobbi Brown.

Namely because she, the beauty icon, represents all that is authentic, Bobbi Brown—the woman—is her own customer. She is an approachable, likeable woman in her 50’s—a working mom—living in New Jersey. Brown has a lack of pretense about her, openly stating, “eating right and exercising is more important than what you put on your face”. This precision in makeup methodology has given women confidence in Brown's brand for well over 30 years. A makeup artist herself, she sold her firm to Estee Lauder in the first four years of her company, yet has retained creative control. She is the brand.

Which leads us to her newest endeavor: Intensive Skin Serum Foundation SPF40—an innovative product inspired by Bobbi’s belief that makeup should be simple, real and approachable.

Bobbi Brown

The new product is the best representation of both Bobbi Brown the woman, and Bobbi Brown, the industry. She describes the formula as "an energy drink for the skin". The key ingredient in this game changer is the ‘Cordyceps Mushroom’, now available for the first time in a foundation outside of China. In ancient China, the Cordyceps Mushroom was known as a skin-enhancing tonic reserved for Chinese royalty, known for their gorgeous skin. Cordyceps Mushroom energizes skin—it helps encourage this process of repair by replenishing skin cells with the energy needed to function optimally. Even the simple, direct marketing campaign for this innovative product is both cutting-edge and customer-focused: “This will change your skin—inside and out”.

This is the ultimate luxe foundation—and true to her consistent philosophy and aesthetic, it all begins from within one's own self.

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