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gallery Valentine

Peter Beard Exhibition

Private jet charter company JetSmarter, in collaboration with and Talent Resources, presented an exclusive art exhibition at East Hampton’s renowned Gallery Valentine, dedicated to the works of Peter Beard.

Photo Credit: Rob Rich/SocietyAllure.com

East Hampton, NY
Lynn Anderson, Kelsey Crowley, Paige Kramer



east hampton, NY
 Lana Zakocela, Justin Etzin


east hampton, ny
Azteca Henry, Maya Henry


east hampton, NY
Jill Stuart, Kelly Bensimon


east hampton, ny
T.T. Nguyen, Elizabeth White


east hampton, ny
Walt Couturier, Amanda Monti


east hampton, ny
Derek Sparks, Pavla Beltrán 

east hampton, ny
Charles Davis, Stefanía Cruz, Sheila Rosenblum, Olivia Davis

east hampton, ny
Debra Heller, Kelly Bensimon, Jill Stuart, Natalie White & Fay Fox


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