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MasterCard Fashion Kitchen Party

Mastercard hosted the Fashion Kitchen Party at Shan Rahimkhan’s bistro in Berlín, Germany. The event provided a platform for haute gastronomy during Berlin Fashion Week.


berlin, germany
Shan Rahimkhan, Patrick Faber-Castell & Thorsten Czerwinski 



berlin, germany
 Carola Ferstl, Jo Groebel & Katrin Hubers


berlin, germany
Su Song & Janina Uhse


berlin, germany
Susanne Juhnke


berlin, germany
Mariella Ahrens & Till Broenner


berlin, germany
Katja Kessler


berlin, germany
Shan Rahimkhan & Thorsten Czerwinski 

belin, germany
Singer Ben and his girlfriend Miriam

berlin, germany
Janine White

berlin, germany
Malte & Anna-Maria Arkona

berlin, germany
General View of the Event

berlin, germany
Dagmar Nedbal, Thorsten Czerwinski



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