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Lawrence Scott


Lawrence Scott hosts Summer Party 2016

Event designer Larry Scott hosted a summer gathering at his home in Water Mill, where guests enjoyed champagne and caviar by a radiant pool that lit the party as day turned to night.

Water Mill, NY
Larry Scott, Saul & Iris Katz

water mill, NY
Rosanna Scotto, Barbara Lerner, Stacy Hochfelder, Kayla Quick


water mill, NY
Richie & Lisa Kirshenbaum

water mill, NY
Terri & Dr. Jed Kaminetsky

water mill, NY
Gary & Donna Segal

water mill, NY
Debra Halpert

water mill, NY
Larry Scott, Chris & Sarah Wragge

water mill, NY
Caviar Reception

water mill, NY
One of the serving stations

water mill, NY
View of the event

water mill, NY


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