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ellen hermanson foundation


Starry Night Gala

Over 300 philanthropist and friends attended The Ellen Hermanson Foundation’s Starry Night Gala, which celebrated two decades of helping underserved women fighting breast cancer. The event took place in Southampton, NY.

southampton, NY
Érica Rivera, Geraldo Rivera

southampton, NY
Martin Shafiroff, Anna Throne-Holst


southampton, NY
Amanda Hope, Ann Ciardullo

southampton, NY
Lee Levin, Natasha Levin, Jim Levin

southampton, NY
Hope Langer, Ann Ciardullo, Cathy Tweedy

southampton, NY
Bill Evans, Marissa Evans, Kathy Lucas

southampton, NY
Jean Shafiroff, Carl Kempner, Valerie Kempner

southampton, NY
View of the event

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