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Hauser & Wirth features a restaurant, bar, residence, school, 
and amazing artwork.



Iwan Wirth and Manuela Hauser: ArtReview Magazine's Most Influential Couple in the World of Modern and Contemporary Art

By Andres Crisafulli

Illustration by Jos De La Paz

For more than 25 years the couple has been working on a new idea for the art market. Their concept is to create experiences that involve both the artist and the buyer in a kind of family relationship, creating a link that goes beyond the desire to buy and sell. 

When you visit art galleries in New York, Paris, or Geneva, you probably see the space once it has been prepared for an exhibit with the appropriate lighting, refreshments, and excellent artwork. Some of these galleries may have surprised you with audacious installations, and others may have been just what you expected.

Views of the gallery.

But Swiss gallery experts Iwan and Manuela Wirth Hauser wanted to go beyond the usual norms of art exhibit preparation. They sought to bring a sense of belonging to this type of activity. Their proposal became famous in 2014 when Wirth and Hauser chose to move to a farm in the English town of Somerset, two hours from bustling London.

They created a space that merged their home with their lifelong passion: art. Hauser & Wirth is the link that joins a gallery,  a restaurant, a bar,  a residence, and a school. This is a unique environment where artists and those interested in art can socialize, enjoy exceptional cuisine, relax, and at the same time buy and sell artworks.

Hauser & Wirth propose a new way of buying and selling artworks.

Thus, the concept of an art gallery evolves into a new dimension, combining a temporary home, a place to learn, to meet and know each other and, of course, have a pleasant business experience. As a result, emerging can enhance their careers and create new ties to expand their networks of friends, as well as the promotion and sale of their pieces.

Iwan and Manuela have been named the most influential couple in the modern and contemporary art market by ArtReview magazine, a deserved recognition for their years of dedication and professionalism.

The gallery represents some of the most relevant artists of the moment as well as a suite of important collections.

In 1992, they opened their first gallery in Zurich, Switzerland, which promoted works of artists of the caliber of Mark Bradford, Christoph Büchel, Roni Horn, Paul McCarthy, Pipilotti Rist, Jason Rhoades, Roni Horn, Ellen Gallagher, Rashid Johnson, Sterling Ruby, Eva Hesse, and Henry Moore

They also represent important collections such as The Louise Bourgeois Studio, The Estate of Philip Guston, The Eva Hesse Estate, Allan Kaprow Estate, Mike Kelley Foundation for the Arts, The Jason Rhoades Estate, and The Dieter Roth Estate.

Today, hundreds of thousands of visitors participate in their activities, and their new concept of galleries is present in London, New York, and Los Angeles.

Hauser& Wirth

Additionally, it is important to mention their philanthropic work in the fields of art, architecture, environment, conservation, community and education. They are powerful benefactors of museums and international art initiatives and have sponsored research and teaching projects at the Courtauld Institute of Art in London, among other projects.

For more information about the gallery's activities visit the official Hauser & Wirth site. ■

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