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QC Terme in San Pellegrino

Federico Tibytt

This new project by QC enhances San Pellegrino’s reputation as a place for relaxation and wellbeing.



The luxury spa chain QC just opened a new facility in the idyllic San Pellegrino Terme, in Lombardy, Italy. Now, discerning travelers can enjoy the same curative waters as did Leonardo Da Vinci in his time.

San Pellegrino
Entrance to QC San Pellegrino Terme.

The brand new spa is located next to two of the town’s most emblematic buildings: the impressive Casino Municipal and the traditional Grand Hotel, a building that has become a symbol of San Pellegrino.

With this new project, QC completes the infrastructure the firm has dedicated to rest in San Pellegrino. The spa has a total area of 64,583 square feet (6,000 square meters), whose service aims to provide the best body care taking advantage of the area’s famous hot springs, which are rich in sulfates, calcium, and magnesium bicarbonate. All these minerals present multiple healing and therapeutic qualities.

San Pellegrino
San Pellegrino
The Belle Epoque aesthetics are enhanced by a delightful contemporary sensibility.

With an ample repertoire of wellbeing and physical restoration treatments, the QC San Pellegrino Terme features waterfalls, high-pressure hot tubs, saunas, outdoor thermal pools with sun terraces, an aromatherapy room, relaxation areas with cozy fireplaces, custom massage sessions and beauty salon services.

The spa’s architectural style is compatible with the neighboring buildings, harmonizing with the local typologies of the early 20th century. The interiors shine with noble materials such as polished marble floors, as well as beautiful frescoes and recovered old wood moldings on walls and ceilings. 

This century-old aesthetic has been combined with modern furnishings, and the contrast sends a message of unique contemporary elegance. The pools of the new resort show textures of exposed concrete, glass railings and state of the art lighting. This combination imparts a modern setting that is as luxurious as the oldest parts of the building. 

San Pellegrino
QC San Pellegrino Terme is a temple for health and wellbeing. 

The old spirit of this place is best appreciated at the Light Cafe Bistro, featuring a Pompeian-style main hall decked with paintings by Guglielmini and Valentini. The entire place is steeped in Belle Epoque charm. 

Just like Gainsborough Bath Spa—which we have reviewed in this space—the new San Pellegrino spa is set in an area that has been a place of pilgrimage through the centuries. The hot springs of San Pellegrino continue to attract travelers searching for health and wellbeing.  

Following the great tradition of this terrain and offering more sophisticated services, the new QC Terme San Pellegrino Spa is a serene and comfortable temple, surrounded by breathtaking scenery, and dedicated to providing the best venue for physical health, mental peace, and beauty.

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